• A Sunday evening shooting at a Safeway shopping center in Bend, Oregon has left three people dead, including the shooter, and another person injured. None of the victims nor the suspected shooter, who used an AR-15 and may have taken his own life, have yet been identified. [CNN]
  • The SF Department of Public Health's drop-in monkeypox vaccine clinic is back open today and all this week at Zuckerberg SF General Hospital, and second doses are available for some. Those with immunocompromised conditions are already eligible for second shots, and word has it those who are more than 30 days out from their first shots are able to get second shots now as well, though DPH isn't advertising this yet. [SFDPH/Twitter]
  • There was a standoff Sunday between Sonoma County SWAT officers and a man in the community of Larkfield, north of Santa Rosa, after the man was "waving knives" through the windows of his home, threatening officers, and threatening to burn his own house down. [KPIX]
  • SF Supervisor Matt Dorsey over the weekend called out Governor Gavin Newsom's veto of safe-injection-site legislation, suggesting that the veto was regressive and the legislation could have saved lives. [KPIX]
  • A toxic algae bloom is likely to blame for thousands of dead fish floating ashore at Oakland's Lake Merritt. [East Bay Times]
  • Lots of fish have been going belly-up along the Peninsula's Bay coast as well, also due to algae. [KRON4]
  • Granted he was promoting his own movie, but on Sunday at the VMAs, comedian Billy Eichner called out Justice Clarence Thomas and the "homophobes on the Supreme Court" who want to reverse their seven-year-old decision on same-sex marriage, saying, "we are not letting them drag us into the last century." [The Hill]

Photo: Edgar Chaparo