• Moderna has filed suit against Pfizer and BioNTech in both Massachusetts and Germany claiming its intellectual property was stolen for Pfizers COVID vaccine. Moderna says it had patents on its mRNA technology and that Pfizer/BioNTech stole key parts of it and continued to use them to develop its vaccine. [KPIX]
  • The new, updated COVID boosters are coming from both companies in September — Pfizer's for people ages 12 and up, and Moderna's for ages 18 and up — and experts say you should get one as soon as you're eligible. [Mercury News]
  • The redacted affidavit used for the FBI's search warrant of Mar-a-Lago is expected to be released any minute now, and while it might be heavily redacted and fairly meaningless, the Times also suggests it "could have significant legal, political and historical implications." [New York Times] Update: Here it is, and it is indeed very redacted.
  • Washington Governor Jay Inslee just announced that his state will follow California in phasing out the sale of new gas-powered vehicles, likely also by 2035. [Associated Press]
  • Protesters continue to rally in support of geese in Foster City, after the city council voted to cull the flock by 100, because the large number of geese have made a mess of the city's waterfront. [NBC Bay Area]
  • The Chronicle's meteorologist Gary Diaz suggests that "meteorological fall," or the Bay Area's "second summer," with warming temperatures and high pressure systems keeping the marine layer at bay, could be arriving a touch early, as in next week. [Chronicle]
  • The White House Twitter account is now trolling GOP lawmakers like Marjorie Taylor Greene who are critical of the student-loan forgiveness program, pointing out the PPP loan sums that they were forgiven. [ABC 7]

Photo: Mufid Manjun