Cannabis culture is doubling down on the magic of 4/20 with its stoner sequel, the July 10th celebration 7/10 that concentrates on hash oil, extracts, shatter, and wax. [FEATURED]

Does legal marijuana mania really need another calendar holiday for cannabis? Well, San Francisco now has the Dore Alley/Up Your Alley Fair in late July just before putting its leather back on for the Folsom Street Fair in late September. So the if the leather crowd has two holidays, the question isn’t whether we need another marijuana holiday, the question is why it took us so long to start a second one.

And the second one is known as 710, a.k.a 7/10, a.k.a. July 10. It’s like 4/20 in that it’s a holiday associated with consuming very large amounts of cannabis.

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But on 7/10, the focus is on cannabis oils — hash oil, vape oil, wax, shatter, extracts, and dabs. It’s believed that the date and numeral “710” were chosen because that numeration reads “OIL” upside-down. Kind of like in middle school when we held the calculator upside-down so it would spell dirty words.

The origins of this cannabis oil holiday are unclear, but it seems to have bubbled up about 10 years ago, when the first states like Colorado and Washington were starting the legal recreational cannabis era. This coincides with the broader adoption of newfangled smoking devices like vape pens, dab rigs, and eventually the modern “pod devices” from brands like PAX, STIIIZY, and dosist, all of which are available directly to your door from the likes of Eaze.

If you’re new to this world of vape pods, dab rigs, and “live resin,” these are absolutely the most potent variety of cannabis products on the legal market. They sometimes require specialized gear to smoke, but this is not always the case. The oil and extract family are cannabis products that kick in quicker and hit your brain almost immediately.

Some say these products are less harsh on your lungs, though this is not scientifically confirmed. And if you’ve ever heard someone hack up a cough after hitting their dab rig, it does not sound particularly healthy.

But 7/10 extract smoking is for the hardest-core hardcore stoners. Your favorite dispensaries and delivery services are likely to have 7/10 deals for the holiday, and these cannabis products do still come in your familiar categories of indica, sativa, and hybrid.

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The most commonly used form of cannabis oil is the regular vape cartridge, a simple and easy-to-use cartridge full of cannabis oil that plugs right into the standard 510-compatible vape pen (often called a “battery”). Vape cartridges are commonly sold in either half-gram or one-gram cartridges, and these are incredibly easy to smoke anywhere with little scent left behind in your vaping aftermath.

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The all-in-one cartridge is the disposable version of a vape cartridge combined with a vape pen. Except in this case, the cartridge and pen are all the same device. There’s no junk drawer full of chargers and batteries” as vape pen collectors tend to have, but there’s certainly no compromise in the quality of the premium cannabis oil.

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Cannabis concentrates are the most sensationally potent forms of smokable cannabis, chemically stripped down to “just the good stuff.” Concentrates come in tiny packages, though often have potency of 90% THC or higher, and smoking the equivalent size of just a grain of rice will often leave you too obliterated to think straight.

You’ll hear of several varieties of concentrates; shatter, wax, dabs, hash oil, or extracts. Each varies in consistency, but when smoking them you know you’re generally in for a trip to Jupiter. While concentrates are generally smoked with a specialized form of a bong known as a dab rig, it’s also possible to spread bits of the the solution onto the surface of a preroll or an edible and consume them when smoking or eating.

And there will always be a special place for prerolls, gummies, and baked goods in the cannabis pantheon. Those particular items will always be beloved for their crossover appeal to the cannabis-curious. But folks who’ve smoked every day since they had their learner's permit to drive know that oils and extracts work magic for the advanced user, and 7/10 is the day to advance those advanced users’ cause.

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