• If anyone’s worried that the guys of Metallica might not be making enough money on royalties these days, worry not, because Netflix’s Stranger Things has them back in the No. 1 spot on iTunes. Just as Stranger Things did wonders for the old Kate Bush track “Running Up That Hill,” the show’s use of Metallica’s 36-year-old song “Master of Puppets” in a recent episode has that track at No. 1 on the iTunes rock singles chart. [Chronicle]
  • More damage is coming to light after the July 4 fireworks mayhem in the Mission, including a bus and several storefronts getting pretty thoroughly tagged. A highly tagged up restaurant Healthyish Republic is still planning its grand opening Wednesday, but about those SFPD reports of “12 officers injured”.... Mission Local reports it was actually “12 officers responding to the Mission fire experienced ringing in their ears and two officers received minor burns from debris of an exploding device.“ [Mission Local]
  • A 25-year-old Oakland man has been charged with human trafficking and other crimes after allegedly holding a Hayward woman inside her home against her will for two days last week. Oakland resident Lovell Bullock allegedly “held a woman against her will inside her own home and told her she could not leave until she agreed to prostitute for him, court records show.” [Bay Area News Group]
  • After its largest ever display in SF last month, the AIDS Quilt will be making a tour of U.S. southern states. [SF Public Press]
  • Eight people have been arrested for selling caviar on the underground illegal market, catching the sturgeon in the Carquinez Strait and Sacramento River, in violation of protected species laws. [SFGate]
  • Another post-Mohammed Nuru “behested payments” vote could be coming to the November ballot, as Mayor Breed wants to roll back some of the reforms that voters just passed. [Examiner]

Image: Joe Kukura,  SFist