Liz Phair has a “COVID related cancellation” just two days before her Stern Grove show Sunday, but Ani DiFranco is stepping in, and apparently everyone has COVID because lots of tickets are now suddenly available.

This summer’s Stern Grove Festival got off to a weird start, when the schedule leaked early via a Muni ad. But it was a great schedule, and one of the highlights was this Sunday’s show with Liz Phair as headliner.

Screenshot: Stern Grove email

But Fuck and Run, there is more weirdness now (literally) plaguing the 2022 Stern Grove Festival. According to the email above sent to Sunday’s ticket holders, “Ani DiFranco will replace Liz Phair due to Covid related cancellation.”

Screenshot: Eventbrite

The new Eventbrite page for Sunday’s concert says “Due to Covid, Liz Phair is unable to perform this Sunday, June 26th. Ani DiFranco will be stepping in as this week's headliner.” But hey, suddenly more free tickets are available for this previously at-capacity show! Which perhaps indicates that a lot of people got COVID-19 this week and also canceled their reservations.

It does not appear that Liz Phair herself has COVID-19. There is no indication of such on her social media accounts, and the Chronicle just posted that per a Stern Grove announcement, the cancellation is “due to COVID in her touring party.”

Anyway, Sunday’s other scheduled Stern Grove acts, Madi Diaz and Peaches Christ, are still scheduled to perform (unless they get COVID too?). You can also stream Sunday’s show online, though this requires registration.  

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Images: Stern Grove