While we mourn some of our beloved neighborhood favorites that shut down over the past two years, we open our hearts–and mouths–to the dozens of new bars and restaurants opening up around the city. [Sponsored]

Always looking for the perfect munchies fix, we polled the Eaze team to find what the locals are calling their new favorite restaurants in the city and more importantly, what cannabis products are the perfect pairing.

1. Lost Lotus ​​Chocolate Thai Cannabis Flower + Abacá

We first heard about Abacá in SFist’s Seven New Restaurants to Try Around San Francisco roundup earlier this year, and it has lived up to the hype and more.

Showcasing the beauty and vibrance of Filipino culture and cuisine, this family-owned restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf is the sister restaurant of Pinoy Heritage, 2018 Pop-Up of the Year and two-time San Francisco Chronicle Top 100 Restaurants, and the second concept from Chef Francis Ang, San Francisco Chronicle Rising Star Chef.

Whether you’re trying the okoy fritters or the chicken palabok, the perfect pre-Abacá smoke to stimulate your appetite is Chocolate Thai by Lost Lotus. The strain, which you can get an eighth of delivered via Eaze, provides hints of chocolate and coffee. A pure sativa, it delivers a euphoric and creative high that will leave you grinning all day.

It is only fitting you smoke premium cannabis before taking yourself out to the first Filipino fine dining establishment in San Francisco.

2. Circles’ Wedding Cake Base Camp Cannabis Flower + Shuggie’s

Sustainability is sexy, and that’s why we’re loving this new Mission District staple. A natural wine bar and pizzeria, Shuggie’s makes grandma-style pies using upcycled ingredients or surplus vegetables. Their creatively named “Trash Pie” menu features a delicious assortment of square pizzas with someone for everyone, from a classic pepperoni, honey and chili combo to a cod-and-egg pie.

Before your first bite, we recommend a puff of something sweet like Circles’ Wedding Cake Base Camp. Also known as "Triangle Mints #23," Wedding Cake delivers relaxing and euphoric effects that calm the body and mind, while stimulating your appetite with undertones of earthy pepper. You’ll still be able to carry a conversation with your date while enjoying every bite of delicious za.

3. Lychee Dragon Mochi Gummies by Sundae School + Jikasei Mensho

If you’re looking for an intimate date night in the comfort of your home with your bong within arm’s reach, consider some takeout or delivery from Jikasei Mensho in SOMA. Gloomy days are better with ramen, and you need to look no further than their vegan miso ramen.

To amplify the delicious kombu, shiitake, and porcini flavors, while winding down after a long day of work, treat yourself to one (or two depending on your tolerance) Lychee Dragon Mochi Gummies from Sundae School. A blissful symphony of sweet lychee and aromatic dragon fruit topped with beet coating, these hybrid gummies are 100% vegan, low sugar and keto-friendly, and leave you feeling uplifted, happy and balanced. Before placing your food order, Eaze will deliver these delicious gummies straight to your doorstep on date night–so you can start the evening off correctly.

4. Hawaiian Haze Preroll 10-Pack + Schlok’s Bagels and Lox

If you appreciate a wake-and-bake moment as much as the next person, this new breakfast joint is for you. The former pop-up is now here to stay in NoPA with New York-style bagels that’ll remind you that you’re still on the best coast and have no reason to leave. Freshly boiled and baked, these bagels are a culinary experience and a hangover cure all at once.

Pair a delicious,  schmeared, lox bagel with our go-to Sunday morning smoke from Cloud: a  Hawaiian Haze Preroll, available in 10-packs. If you’re having a social Sunday morning, rest assured that these prerolls will have your head in the clouds, with some consumers reporting that this strain makes them sociable and talkative.

5. Passion Fruitz Cart from Everyday + Grande Crêperie

Before that one friend that studied abroad in Paris starts posting about it on Instagram, check out Grande Crêperie at the Ferry Building. If your company is doing that whole “hybrid working” thing, run out during your lunch break to try one of their delicious savory or sweet crepes. With a bite of one of their flaky croissants or the taste of Nutella melting in your mouth, France is just a quick jaunt over.

Re-energize and reset your focus for the rest of the day with an equally sweet inhale of Everyday’s sweet and tropical Passion Fruitz cart. The tropical flavors will make you wish you were sitting on the beach in the summertime, but the next best thing is experiencing that rush of euphoria moments before digging into your crepe.

Everyday: CDPH-10003907, Cloud: C11-0000532-LIC, Sundae School: CDPH-10002044, CIRCLES: C11-0000532-LIC, Lost Lotus: C11-0000532-LIC