• San Francisco could be slick with rain later this afternoon. While small, there's a 10% chance of rain now looming over the San Francisco skies that could fall between Saturday afternoon and into early Sunday morning; the light sprinkles would exist in tandem with the moderate cloud cover expected today and tomorrow before things brighten up before Memorial Day. [Weather.com]
  • The union representing the United States Park Police who patrol SF's national parks has said: “families should avoid unnecessary travel to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Presidio." But National Park Service officials have disputed the claims, saying it doesn’t “represent the facts or reality on the ground" and is a dangerous narrative to put in place that could damage park attendance. [KRON4]
  • Foot traffic at SFO is experiencing the long holiday weekend boost, even though gas prices are at an all-time high — which, too, seems to have not deterred people from driving out of Dodge for the weekend as roads are busy with cars. [ABC7]
  • Take a look at a new mural that's making its appearance at the Asian Art Museum —“The Journey (سفر),” by artists Shaghayegh Cyrous and Keyvan Shovir — today on the Village Artist Corner. [Mission Local]
  • The "silencing of the skies" continues to affect global bird populations as a myriad of climate crisis catastrophes—increased temperature, decreasing insect densities, widespread deforestation—and is expected to get "quieter" as more avian fauna disappear. [Mongabay]
  • Poet laureate Amanda Grormon has a new piece in the New York Times that portrays the agony, popularity, and heartbreak of gun violence in America. [NYT]

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Chis Defaro