A new report details multiple injuries among middle-schoolers at an increasingly violent Everett Middle School, including a 13-year-old “with life-threatening injuries.”

We know things have been getting bad at the Mission District’s Everett Middle School, after last month’s bombshell Mission Local report “Total meltdown at Everett Middle School: Teachers out, principal resigning, claims of violent beatings.” That all sounds terrible, but in the education racket, the worst-case scenario is when a student is injured so badly they are hospitalized on your watch. And apparently that had now happened at Everett, as KTVU reports a 13-year old boy has “life-threatening injuries after an attack by another student.”

The attack apparently occurred Monday afternoon around 2:45 p.m.

"It's been happening since the beginning of the school year," exasperated parent and Everett PTA co-chair Dheyanira Calahorrano told KTVU. "I was really sad because I've been advocating for help and support to prevent this from happening."

Because the case involves a minor (and the attacker is also a minor), we have very little information about the details of the attack or the victim's condition. San Francisco Unified School District said in a statement to KTVU, "When a serious incident occurs, we attend to the immediate safety of students involved, communicate directly with their families, and determine the appropriate supports, interventions, and consequences."

But KTVU details other recent serious injuries to Everett Middle School students. The station says Calahorrano “shared photos of a 12-year-old student who is suffering from a swollen eye after being beaten by another student.” They spoke with another mother whose son suffered two recent attacks, once being choked, and another time having his arm cut.

This is thankfully not a district-wide problem, and the escalating violence seems contained to Everett, where teachers are quitting like mad, and the principal is just riding out the school year until her resignation. One hopes that a new principal and staff next year can put more attention into follow-through, and clean up the culture of Everett Middle School.

But recruiting this new staff is going to be tough, considering the reputation that school has now developed.

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Image: Kevin Y. via Yelp