In February, a 16-year-old girl was found dead in SoMa; the teenager was suspected of having died from a drug overdose. Now, new details point toward the possibility that she was sexually assaulted near the time of her death, per information procured from a recent autopsy report.

The death of Victoria Moran-Hidalgo — the teenager from Stanislaus County, who had been reported missing several times in the months before her untimely death — was first initially considered to be suspicious and the result of a drug overdose. A new autopsy report from the SF Medical Examiner Office has given additional information about the death of Moran-Hidaldog, which is "most consistent" with a fatal mix of drugs.

"The overall findings are most consistent with a death caused by acute mixed drug intoxication,” representatives with the City medical examiner’s office wrote in the report procured by the Chronicle. “However, given the uncertain circumstances in which her body was found, the manner of death is best classified as undetermined.”

The office noted that the girl was also found "partially undressed and in public view," though it found no traumatic injuries. The offfice did describe some minor bruises that were recorded on her legs and chest — leading the office to inner Moran-Hidalgo was possibly sexually assaulted near the time of her death; no evidence of sperm was detected in swabs collected. Examiners, too, found a pair of copper-colored metallic projectile fragments in her calf, suggesting the teenager was previously shot.

Since 2020, more than 1,300 people have died from drug overdoses in San Francisco — and over 73% of those are tied to fentanyl.

SF police remarked to the Chronicle that the investigation remains an ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information is suggested to contact the SFPD Tip Line at (415) 575-4444 or text a tip — with the word “TIP” beginning the message — to TIP411; details can be left anonymously.

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