Some unsuccessful thieves in Brentwood used heavy machinery to try to steal an ATM from a bank on Sunday, and they failed to do so but caused a lot of damage.

Brentwood police say that some thieves stole a John Deere tractor, drove it to the Bank of America at Lone Tree Way and Shady Willow Lane on Sunday around 5 a.m., and used it in an attempt to rip the bank's exterior ATM machine out of the wall.

As NBC Bay Area reports, the thieves efforts were a failure, and no money was stolen.

The machine actually had a sign on it saying that it was "protected by hook and chain blocker," meaning it couldn't just be ripped out as the thieves were trying to do.

Brentwood police say the tractor was likely stolen from a nearby construction site. As ABC 7 reports, a similar incident involving a Wells Fargo ATM which was, apparently, successfully yanked out by tractor, happened about a month ago in Brentwood. In that incident, the machine was found dumped nearby — but it's unclear if the thieves got any cash out of it first.

Back in February, a 42-year-old suspect in Santa Clara County, Charles Edward Hastings, was charged with 20 counts of burglary for stealing whole ATMs in six different cities. Prosecutors said he stole a grand total of $189,654, much of it from ATMs.

Photo: Jake Allen