Coming off of Thursday's record-breaking hot weather, it looks like we can expect some much cooler temperatures — and perhaps even a bit of light rain — next week.

This weekend's already proving to be both more breezy and chiller than earlier this week. (Today's SF high of 65 degrees is literally 21 degrees cooler than the scorching temperatures observed during Thursday's spell of hot weather — which broke at least seven historic Bay Area records for the day.) And as a dry cold front starts coming into Northern California on Saturday, it'll push Bay Area temperatures down to more familiar springtime highs and lows, all while kicking up a fair bit of wind.

As reported by SFGate, Saturday afternoon highs are forecasted to be in the upper-70s inland and in the upper-50s on the coast; for us in San Francisco, the mercury won't climb higher than the mid-60s. Tomorrow, we'll see similar dips in midday highs with temperatures not getting warmer than the low-50s for coastal cities and mid-70s for inland areas.

But what about that aforementioned potential smattering of rain? Regional precipitation might come by way of a fragmented storm system that's expected to drop down from the Pacific Northwest on Monday; it's forecasted to arrive in the North Bay sometime that morning before spreading south into the central Bay Area in the afternoon.

"Right now, generally speaking, precipitation chances for the Bay Area are in the 40% to 60% range for Monday," said Roger Gass, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, to the digital media outlet. "Most locations will see less than a tenth of an inch. Some of the coastal ranges could pick up two-tenths of an inch to a quarter of an inch."

Given that the majority of Northern California is either in D2 (Severe Drought) or D3 (Extreme Drought) conditions on the U.S. Drought Monitor map, any amount of rain will be gladly welcomed — especially as we inch closer to wildfire season.

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Photo: Courtesy of Getty Image Plus