The day after playing at Bottom of the Hill, Venezuelan band Zeta was robbed of their passports and gear in Oakland, but their tour is still trucking thanks to a GoFundMe outpouring.

This past Sunday, Bottom of the Hill hosted a Venezuelan punk band called Zeta . The band’s tour was then supposed to be off to Flagstaff, Arizona, but took a very unfortunate detour, as KTVU reports their passports, green cards, and plenty of gear were stolen the next day on Oakland, near Webster and 15th Streets, about three blocks from Lake Merritt.

According to the above Instagram post, the band says “Our Van/Tour Home got broken into. 2 windows where [sic] smashed and we got a bunch of stuff + passports + social security + cash and plenty of files, video, graphic and audio work stuff stolen from us in the Bay Area.”

“We are all good, nothing happened to us but we’ve been trying to recover/mitigate the cost of van repairs + try to get back some of the stuff that was taken from us,” the group added.

Fortunately for the band, their manager put up a GoFundMe campaign, and it has raised $13,787. Unfortunately for the band, several members had green cards, Social Security cards, and passports stolen too. This is particularly problematic, because Venezuela and the United States do not have diplomatic relations.

"You know, to get your Venezuelan passport is such a task, it’s so hard," band member Dani Hernandez told KTVU.

There is a measure of comfort, though, that the GoFundMe campaign has more than covered the band’s losses, so their manager has disabled new donations.

“Hey Friends! Zeta just set up everything to receive the funds so we have now officially turned off donations,” manager Marshal Rones said on GoFundMe page. “We are all so beyond grateful and appreciative of you all. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We love you, and we hope to see you all soon.”

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Image: GoFundMe