• Coleman Elementary School in San Rafael will reinstate its indoor mask-wearing mandate on April 15. After the school recorded 23 total cases of COVID-19 across the campus, 17 in students and 6 in employees, school officials have decided to require appropriate face masks for most indoor situations: "This has not been a time for alarm, but for us to implement the recommended public health strategies to respond to an uptick in cases and decrease the risk of transmission,” said Christina Perrino, a spokesperson for San Rafael City Schools, about the looming reimplementation of Coleman Elementary's mask mandate. [Chronicle]
  • One day after Grinnell — the male bird in the famous Berkeley falcon pair— was found dead, his female mate appears to have already moved on. Annie, his longtime partner of five years, was recently seen with another male, who she appears to have engaged in courtship behavior with inside the nestbox Grinnell and she once shared: "We seen them copulate more than once and he has also shown interest in trying to incubate," Cal Falcons educator Lynn Schofield said to NBC Bay Area. [NBC Bay Area]
  • SFPD increased its reward money calling for information in the case of Nicole Fitts, who was killed and partially buried in McLaren Park in April 2016, to $250K. Fitts' daughter Arianna, who was two years old at the time, also went missing around that time and has since never been found; the reward increase from $100K to $250K was made Friday when SFPD officials said they’ve received information that has now led them to believe there are people with knowledge of Arianna’s location who aren't entirely cooperating with police. [Chronicle]
  • 71-year-old veteran Ricardo Luna was shot and killed by a stray bullet while driving near his home in Oakland this past Sunday night. [KTVU]
  • After months of slow sales, Ocean Beach Cafe is throwing in the towel and permanently closing — but the former sous chef of Atelier Crenn, Frank Gama, will take over the space and bring with him a menu that includes fresh Santa Cruz County produce. [Eater SF]
  • There's currently new legislation in the works by the Oakland City Council which would tax big corporations more than the city's small businesses. [Oaklandside]
  • As Russian troops continue to retreat from Kyiv, Ukraine has reclaimed dozens of the outlying towns that surround the country's capital. [NYT]

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/Justin Pratt