• It appears that Nvidia ransomware attack in late February was not the Russians after all, but a hacker ring called LAPSUS$, and the SF FBI office is taking the unusual measure of asking for the public’s help to identify them. The FBI is asking companies to not pay any ransomware demands, and asks any members of the public with information about this LAPSUS$ hacking group to submit information via their tip line. [KPIX]
  • Starting Monday, some Presidio hiking trails are prohibiting any dog-walking for coyote pupping season, and the closures will last through early September. The Presidio Trust has a map of which trails will prohibit dogs, though human hikers are still welcome to use the trails. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Three cable car lines were taken out Tuesday by something called a “strand alarm,” and the Powell-Mason line remained out all day. The California line resumed pretty quickly, and the Hyde line didn’t fully resume until the afternoon, but all lines are expected to be running as normal on Wednesday. [KPIX]
  • A Stanford study has found considerably higher risk of pregnancy and birth complications in lesbian couples giving birth, and this is consistent across socieconic factors like education, wealth and insurance, and their best guess is to attribute the disparity to stress and stigma. [Chronicle]
  • The Biden administration has earmarked an extra $200 million in his new budget proposal for the San Jose BART extension Phase II. [KTVU]
  • A large protest called for the resignation of Contra Costa County sheriff David Livingston after a string of police shootings, particularly one where he called it “a sad day” when a convicted officer was sentenced for killing someone. [Chronicle]

Image: @pixeldan via Unsplash