A wrong-way car chase had both Oakland police and BART police in hot pursuit Thursday evening, and news chopper video shows a BART police SUV and three other vehicles taking damage before the suspect was nabbed.

Just after 6 p.m. Thursday in San Leandro, BART police and Oakland police were both in pursuit of a stolen black pickup truck with apparently two suspects inside. A couple local news TV stations had choppers in the sky recording the chase, which went off-road, onto train track areas, and rammed into a BART police vehicle, but Bay Area News Group reports the two suspects were separately arrested and both detained.

Let’s cut to the chase. KGO has the five-minute video SKY 7 chopper video, which very handily tells you the street names — except when the stolen truck drives off the street. The pursuit is already underway, with at least four police vehicles in pursuit, when the stolen pickup decides to go off-road and onto a train-track dirt area beside a San Leandro Boulevard overpass.

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Turning back onto a real road, the truck gets cornered by police on Harlan Street, and proceeds to go in reverse and ram three other vehicles. The truck then proceeds in reverse until driving over a fence, immobilizing the vehicle.

One suspect then escapes and runs on foot for a few minutes, quickly becoming tired and slowing down in a warehouse area. The SKY 7 chopper pans around, not sure where the suspect is, but NBC Bay Area’s Sky Ranger has better video of the actual arrest. The second suspect was arrested separately.

It’s not immediately clear why BART police were involved in the pursuit, but Bay Area New Group reports that, “according to a BART spokesperson, BART police were helping Oakland police with a pursuit of a suspected stolen car.” The footage is from about five blocks away from the San Leandro BART station.

There is no word on whether the BART police officer in the rammed vehicle was injured.  

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Image:  Sockwell162 via Wikimedia Commons