• Friday at 12 Noon is the deadline to fill out your “Burner profile” if you want a place in line for Wednesday’s Burning Man tickets Main Sale. Tickets will be $575 a pop this year, which is $100 more than they were in 2020, though that year's event didn’t happen once COVID-19 did its thing that it did to events in 2020. [Burning Man]
  • The San Francisco Zoo is mourning the passing of their Sumatran tiger Leanne, who was 18 years old. In an online memoriam, the zoo noted that “With an estimated 400-600 Sumatran tigers remaining in the wild, she was an important ambassador for the critically endangered species during the 15 years she was here and her legacy lives on through her offspring as she was even a great-grandmother. She will be dearly missed.” [KRON-4]
  • Some difficult safety questions lie ahead after that Oakland tiny house complex for the homeless had a large fire Monday, as the houses’ manufacturer is being criticized for the units' flammability. Security footage shows the residents in whose unit the fire broke out was not even home at the time, and the maker of the houses, Pallet, is being called on the carpet over why so many homes were able to go up in flames so quickly. [Curbed]
  • The victim in a Wednesday shooting in Lafayette, who was killed while driving, has been identified as 20-year-old Lafayette resident Bael Jilani, as police still seek the shooter’s black Mercedes SUV. [KPIX]
  • A 73-year-old pedestrian was hit by a car crossing the street at Person and Mission Streets Wednesday morning, and he remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. [SF Bay]
  • A senior SF taxi driver, who’s been driving for 40 years, had another driver leap out of his car and punch him through an open window while driving in the Tenderloin Tuesday, and an NBC Bay Area photographer caught the incident on film. [NBC Bay Area]

Image: @sfzoo via Twitter