• Jose Ines Garcia-Zarate, the man accused in the nationally sensational 2015 killing of Kate Steinle on Pier 14 who became a flashpoint in the sanctuary city debate, has pleaded guilty to federal gun charges and will likely go to prison for many years. Garcia-Zarate has been in custody since the killing, and had been deported multiple times before the killing on drug and other charges, but he was acquitted of murder in 2017 due the accidental-seeming nature of the shooting, and now he'll face sentencing in federal court in June. [KRON4]
  • BART lost about two percent of its workforce in the last year due to early retirements and the vaccine mandate. Managers reported to the BART board last week that 300 former BART employees took an early retirement package last year, and they agency only plans to backfill 150 openings while eliminating 137 jobs, saving the agency roughly $22.5 million. Only 38 workers had to be dismissed involuntarily over the vaccine mandate. [Bay City News]
  • Jerry Liang, his sister, and a cousin had a memorial for deceased USF student Chris Liang last week โ€” and they hadn't seen their parents in China since the start of the pandemic. Liang dealt with funeral arrangements here, and says police are still investigating his brother's mysterious death in the Central Valley while piloting a Tesla to Southern California. [KTVU]
  • Three San Francisco city employees are now suing over the COVID vaccine mandate, and yes this bullshit is still going on. [Chronicle]
  • Many California students were allowed to go maskless at school for the first time in two years today. [ABC 7]
  • It seems like an SFPD cruiser wasn't able to catch a suspect vehicle involved in a car break-in at Hyde and Lombard midday Sunday, even though it was right there when it happened, a man was knocked off the car onto the ground, and police chased the suspects โ€” but there's dashcam video of the robbery and a full license plate. [ABC 7]

Top image: Photo by Jay A. Martin