• The woman whose rape kit DNA was used to prosecute her for a property crime has spoken out for the first time, giving an anonymous interview to the Chronicle. The woman apparently did a few months behind bars before being released when the rape kit scandal became public, and tells the Chron, “If I can’t even trust the police, who can I trust?” [Chronicle]
  • 13 people were injured after a Caltrain train struck one of the service’s own maintenance trucks on the tracks at around 10:40 a.m. at the San Bruno station. The crash caused a pretty serious fire, and one person was seriously injured, with five moderate injuries and seven minor injuries suffered among both Caltrain employees and passengers. [KGO]
  • In more troubling transit news, BART’s Richmond Red Line “may not return within the next week,” as crews struggle to fix a busted power cable between the El Cerrito Plaza and Ashby stations. There are still shuttles, and you can still transfer to the Richmond Orange line, but full Red Line service might take even more than a week to return. [KPIX]
  • Apparently First Lady Jill Biden was in town last week for a fundraiser at a private home in Pac Heights, and says, “The phone just never stops ringing, all through the night” since Russia invaded Ukraine. [CNN]  
  • Morons are spreading conspiracy theories on social media claiming that the rise in gas prices is some sort of sinister plot to force people into buying electric cars. [Associated Press]
  • Speaking of morons, San Fransicko author and otherwise unemployed man obsessed with the infiltrating Tenderloin Linkage Center Michael Shellenberger announced he’ll run against Gavin Newsom for governor later this year. [FOX 10]

Image: @trenthaaland via Unsplash