• On Monday, February 28, USF student Christopher Liang embarked on an "impulsive" last-minute trip from San Francisco to Irvine; he's yet to be heard from. Liang's brother posted a long, heartfelt Instagram post Thursday calling for the public’s help in locating his brother — who had rented a white Tesla Model 3 (with the license plate number 8NC906) to drive down the California coastline — since Liang has been out of contact since 5 p.m. Monday after calming he was resting at a Tesla Supercharger at Firebaugh; the missing individual has failed to return his rental car and has missed all plans previously made with friends in Irvine; Liang's older brother is "concerned for [his brother's] life," as the "erratic nature" of the trip, combined with his mental health issues, has made Liang's immediate family extremely concerned for his safety. [Instagram]
  • Yesterday's small amounts of Bay Area rain were welcomed, but not nearly enough to pull the region out of terrible drought conditions. While it's the first noticeable amount of precipitation seen in some time, less than 0.10" of rain fell in various parts of the Bay Area Friday; coastal-hugging cities like San Francisco only experienced about 0.02" of rain — which will still leave much of Northern California suffering from "severe drought" conditions, per the U.S. Drought Monitor. [KRON4/Twitter]
  • A new analysis released by the Western Center on Law and Poverty shows only 16% of the nearly half a million renters who applied for rent relief from the state of California have received their payments... with less than a month left before CA landlords will be able to evict tenants who haven’t paid rent. [Mission Local]
  • A small preliminary 3.4-magnitude earthquake was recorded near Pinnacles Park Saturday morning around 7 a.m.; it caused "light shaking." [USGS]
  • Though the massive boulder that was blocking Highway 50 near South Lake Tahoe has since been blown up (literally), CHP officials still warn of the "unstable" slopes that shoulder the roadway above Echo Summit, which have only worsened since the Caldor Fire. [KPIX]
  • Human-caused Airborne pollution from used aerosol products is among the less-obvious environmental threats we face today, killing some 4.2 million people annually around the globe — about 200,000 of those deaths recorded in the U.S. alone. [Mongabay]
  • Russia agreed to limited city-specific ceasefire agreements Friday to allow for humanitarian aid, though Ukrainian officials said Saturday that hard-hit Mariupol' — a key port city off the Ukrainian coastline — is still being shelled. [NYT]

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram via @jeriscc