• A local couple — with the help of a few friends — has raised nearly $200K in funds to help people fleeing Ukraine. Alex Furman and his wife, Marina Eybelman, both of who were born in Russia and came to the United States as Jewish refugees, amassed the donations through various online and in-person efforts; Furman is currently enroute to the Ukraine-Romania border to hand-deliver the donations himself: "We're going to show up and we're going to put cash in their pocket." [ABC7]
  • Highway 50 near South Lake Tahoe is back open now after the boulder that’s been blocking all lanes was literally blown up Friday. CHP officials have said the stretch of Highway 50 at Echo Summit was reopened today when Caltrans crews finished cleaning up the area after blowing up a huge boulder that fell Thursday, which blocked both directions. [Tahoe Daily Tribune]
  • The Valencia Street bike lane is expected to open sometime this year — and will accommodate for the area's erected parklets, as well. [Mission Local]
  • Dr. Noha M. Aboelata, a family medicine doctor and the founder and CEO of Roots Community Health Center in Oakland, suggests that now's not the time to outright stop wearing appropriate face coverings. [Oaklandside]
  • It's not just you: $6 gas prices are now popping up at some fuel stations across the Bay Area as $5 gas prices become normal in the region. [KRON4]
  • Rent prices are inching ever closer to near pre-pandemic prices; San Mateo saw rent prices skyrocket by 16.5% last year, alone. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Even though the fire raging at Europe's biggest nuclear power plant is now contained, world officials worry that Russia's growing presence in Ukraine could spell a global disaster, should the power plant sustain more damage and continue to lack proper maintenance. [Associated Press]

Photo: Getty Images/DianeBentleyRaymond