Three years after launching as a pop-up in San Francisco and then opening their first location in SoMa, Square Pie Guys have inked a lease at Ghirardelli Square for what will be their flagship location.

Owners Danny Stoller and Marc Schechter tell Eater this week that they've snagged a large and bright new space in the Ghirardelli Square complex, at 851 Beach Street — the former Pub at Ghirardelli Square, downstairs from McCormick & Kuleto's. And the streetside location, overlooking the waterfront, will allow for an outdoor parklet as well.

Stoller tells Eater that they were drawn to Ghirardelli Square because it's "one of many but not that many open outdoor gathering places in the city." And certainly, when the tourist traffic comes back, that foot traffic can't hurt — and there really isn't any good pizza at the Wharf, so no competition there.

The new location — opening date TBA — will apparently allow for a full bar as well, along with beer and wine.

Square Pie Guys opened in 2019 at 1077 Mission Street in SoMa, and clearly did a brisk delivery business during the comfort-food-obsessed days of the early pandemic. Their crispy-edged, Detroit-style pies and delicious sauces and toppings have been holding their own against some other recent, square-pie competition from Sunset Squares/SSP Beer Hall, and Cellarmaker House of Pizza.