• It's another day of un-masking in San Francisco and elsewhere in California, and that's a relief for many and a worry for some. It's technically only the vaccinated who should be taking their masks off indoors, and you still have to wear on in cabs and on public transit, and many businesses will still be asking you to mask up so don't leave it at home. [KRON4 / Chronicle]
  • The CDC is likely to update its guidelines around face masks next week. [NBC News]
  • The health officer in Los Angeles County says the mask mandate will likely remain in place there until the middle or end of March. [New York Times]
  • That mystery patient with the tattoos at Oakland's Highland Hospital has been ID'd, after his daughter came forward, and he's a 46-year-old grandfather of 10. [KTVU]
  • One person was shot in the leg Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot at the increasingly sketchy Castro Safeway, following a report of a fight among a group of juveniles. [KTVU]
  • The suspect in a Friday shooting at a grocery store in Morgan Hill is a 13-year-old. [CBS SF]
  • An opinion piece points out the Mills College was spending more on administration costs than on education, which would be illegal in K-12 schools, and says its financial crisis of recent years was "largely self-inflicted." [East Bay Times]

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