A couple — and their dog — spent 57 days snowed in at a remote Sierra County cabin, and didn’t make it out until a California Highway Patrol rescue copter came for them Tuesday.

You might recall that some areas in the Sierra Nevada mountain range got up to eight feet of snow in December, and apparently, some are still digging their way out. One unnamed couple, as well as their dog, didn’t get out until Tuesday of this week. Bay Area News Group reports that a California Highway Patrol helicopter rescue was required to get the couple to safety, as their cabin was still snowed in and roads were not accessible.

The California Highway Patrol Valley Division Air Operations posted a Facebook video above of the rescue, which has no sound, nor does it have the big climactic rescue moment. But we can see the conditions they were facing, with snow still nearly to the roof of the cabin, and a pickup truck that is clearly not able to go anywhere,

“Yesterday afternoon, the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance with rescuing two trapped people,” the CHP said in a Wednesday Facebook post. “Two people had been snowed in their cabin since December 6th. Unable to leave due to snow and downed trees, they were running out of supplies. CHP helicopter (H-20) was requested to assist due to the remote location and blocked roads.”

Fresno’s KMPH reports that “The couple and their dog were rescued safely and taken to a landing zone where deputies were able to take them to a safe and secure location.”

There are obviously a number of questions here. How were they able to contact the sheriff’s office if they had not been before? Were they found through routine police work, or did they themselves just request help after not enough snow had melted to let them go shopping? These are not urgent questions, though, the more pressing matter is that the couple is safe. The National Weather Service has a set of tips for what to do if you’re stranded in a winter storm.

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Image: CHP via Facebook