• The April 2021 death of Mario Gonzalez at the hands of Alameda police has led to another civil rights lawsuit, this time from his mother. This suit, for unclear reasons, is separate from one filed in December on behalf of Gonzalez's five-year-old son. [KTVU]
  • SF Supervisor Ahsha Safai is making noise about job vacancies at the Department of Public Works, with 491 current vacancies, 257 of which are in the Operations Division that deals with street cleaning. Public Works often has vacancies, and a spokesperson for the department says that many of these are project-based and the projects haven't re-started since the pandemic upended things. [Chronicle]
  • Los Gatos "cool mom" Shannon O'Connor was denied bail on Thursday, after multiple teen victims and parents — and her ex-husband! — spoke out against her release. O'Connor stands accused of facilitating multiple parties with underage drinking for her son and his friends, and instigating situations in which sexual assaults allegedly occurred, and her ex spoke at the hearing calling her "a menace to society." [ABC 7 / KRON4]
  • Santa Clara County jails say they need an extra $1.5 million this year in order to cover increases in the cost of food. [Bay Area News Group]
  • That inaccessible small land parcel on Telegraph Hill that has been on the market multiple times in the last couple decades just sold for $100,000, likely to someone looking to develop something next to it. [Socketsite]
  • The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing kicked off at 3:30 a.m. our time, but it will re-air on NBC this evening at 8. [CNN]
  • The Chronicle's Ann Killion describes how these Olympic games will be truly weird, cynical, depressing, and environmentally irresponsible. [Chronicle]

Photo: Darwin Bell