Thursday night is your last chance to see a movie at the Landmark Theatres Embarcadero Center Cinema, as the place is closing permanently at the end of the night.

This is tough, particularly on the heels of the Castro Theatre’s uncertain future now that a concert promoter is taking over programming. But Indiewire broke the news Thursday afternoon, and the Chronicle quickly confirmed, the Landmark Theatres Embarcadero Center Cinema is closing permanently, and literally today (Thursday) is their last day in business.

That means tonight is your last-ever chance to see a movie at that One Embarcadero movie theater. They’re currently showing Belfast, Flee, The French Dispatch, Gamestop: Rise of the Players,  A Hero, Parallel Mothers, and Red Rocket.  

As Indiewire points out, “no reason for the departure has been announced, sources suggest it was the landlord’s decision to not extend the lease after non-payment of rent.” The Chron adds that “In June 2021, Landmark was evicted from the Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis, which it had operated for 43 years, due to unpaid back rent” which totaled well over $300,000.

The theater opened in July 1995, as the indie movie wave at the time made art house theaters vastly more viable and profitable than they are today. The place was remodeled (and started serving wine!) in 2013.

But no one’s going to chain themselves to anything to try to save the Embarcadero movie theater. Unlike Landmark’s Clay Theatre, there is no group of preservationists rallying to save the theater. The Landmark Opera Plaza, which reopened in November (also with the help of philanthropists) will become Landmark’s only remaining SF theater. And we just don’t see philanthropists stopping up to save a mall theater, even an artsy one.

We worry for the vitality of the Embarcadero Center going forward, and we feel awful for the staff losing their jobs so suddenly. And we also feel bad for the SF Examiner, who just ran a great feature on a return engagement of Coppola’s 1974 classic The Conversation, slated to start Friday. Now none of those screenings are going to take place.  

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Image: Andrew D. via Yelp