Someone in San Francisco seems to have an issue with recently reopened Parisian-themed restaurant Boulevard, smashing its windows with a wine bottle, and on another occasion assaulting a manager.

One of the big attractions of upscale Embarcadero bistro Boulevard is its location by the Bay, and sprawling sets of picture windows affording scenic views. But those windows recently took a beating, with a wine bottle, as KPIX reports that a vandal smashed several of those windows and did upwards around $15,000 of damage. The incident took place the morning of January 17.

You can see the aftermath on full display in the video above, where clearly someone just walked along and smashed each window, with no apparent motive other than to do damage. According to KPIX, the vandal “used a wine bottle” to smash the window, and that the suspect was “seen on video smashing the front door of a nearby hotel moments before, that very morning.”

And while the motive isn’t clear, Boulevard has had some scary issues with this particular suspect in the past. KPIX adds, “The vandal also recently came in the restaurant to cause a disturbance and physically assaulted a manager.”  

“This is property damage... I think it was $12,000 or $15,000, I mean that’s not trivial,” Boulevard owner Nancy Oakes told the station. “And when you’re really trying to get open, it’s another setback.” (Boulevard recently reopened in September after being closed nearly a year.)

And when it rains it pours. Boulevard General Manager Jacob Paronyan also owns Total Meltdown in the Marina, which suffered a break-in and robbery on January 23, and days he also has his car broken into recently.

Thankfully, according to NBC Bay Area, “Repairs were made in a day, and Boulevard is now back in business.”

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Image: T.T. via Yelp