Burning Man says it’s happening again in 2022, but with Main Sale tickets $100 more expensive than last time around, and a “COVID-19 health check process” purportedly in place.

Any annual event that skipped a year because of COVID-19, or even had to skip two years, knows that they can make the tickets substantially more expensive the next time they finally do iterate on this festival. There is so much pent-up demand that fans will happily pay a premium to attend their favorite event’s return.

But Burning Man fans will be paying a full $100 price increase to return to their beloved event. “The Main Sale will take place in late March,” the Burning Man Project said in their latest announcement. “Tickets will be $575.” That sale is Wednesday, March 30, at 12 Noon PT. and with registration March 23 – March 25.

That $575 ticket price is $100 more than the last announced 2020 ticket price of $475. (That 2020 event did not ultimately happen for obvious reasons, and Burning Man 2021 was also cancelled, though 20,000 jokers went out there anyway.)

This being Burning Man, the Reno Gazette Journal points out that there are several other highly complicated tiers of ticket sales other than the Main Sale, The well-heeled FOMO Sale  ($1,500-$2,500 per ticket) begins February 2, 2022 for those who feel they can afford it. The Low-Income Ticket Program (now called the Ticket Aid Program) takes applications March 16-May 18, 2022, for $225 tickets. The Directed Group Sale is now called the Stewards Sale, and those tickets are priced at $425, with sales March 9-11. The last-minute OMG Sale is August 3, with regular-price $575 tickets.

For all of these sales, you need to update your Burner Profile four to five days before the sale to be eligible. There is also the matter of a vehicle pass, which this year is $140 per vehicle.

There is not much COVID-19 protocol on the Burning Man page right now. But again, we are currently seven months out from the event. Right now the page just states, “Everyone working and playing in BRC will be required to undergo a COVID-19 health check process before entering the event site. As of this time, we expect that the health check requirements will be satisfied with proof of either a COVID-19 vaccination or recent negative test results.”

If these Burning Man ticket sales are the kind of thing you sign up for, then make sure to update your Burner Profile sometime between March 23 and March 25, or whatever dates are relevant to your ticket type. You can find all the Burning Man registration dates here.

Burning Man 2022 — assuming they actually have it — is Sunday, August 28 to Monday, September 5, 2022.

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Photo: Obie Fernandez/Unsplash