With wind gusts exceeding 60mph in some parts of the region, PG&E reported nearly 30,000 account holders lost electricity — primarily due to downed or damaged power lines — between Friday night and early Saturday morning.

The National Weather Service had previously issued a Wind Advisory that went through Friday night and into Saturday morning. During that time, the Bay Area was pummeled by high, hurricane-like winds. While most of the region was subjected to winds between 30mph to 40mph, a jaw-dropping 96mph wind speed was recorded near Healdsburg Hills.

The result of these strong winds? Many of PG&E's antiquated, poorly maintained, dangerously fragile power lines came crashing down like dominos, leaving tens of thousands of account holders in the Bay Area without power.

NBC Bay Area reported earlier today that some 30,000 account holders with the utility experienced no power yesterday and today. PG&E has successfully restored power to thousands of accounts, but large clusters of power outages in the East Bay are still displayed on the utility's power outage map as being without power.

But for some, the downed power lines meant more than just a loss of electricity. They also caused damage to nearby property. And made for loud bangs.

“It was a bang, it was enough to wake me up,” John Tulloch, a resident of Oakland Hills, told Mercury News, adding that though the entire neighborhood is still without power, nobody seemed injured. “We’ll just be patient and wait for [Pacific Gas & Electric] to get the tree off the wires and get the wires back up.”

PG&E has said it expects most account holders affected by the power outages to have their electricity restored later today; to see PG&E's "Outage Center," as well as an updated map on the current parts of the Bay Area experiencing outages, visit pgealerts.alerts.pge.com/outagecenter.

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Photo: Getty Images/nycshooter