• As predicted, heavy snow made travel to and within the Tahoe area fairly impossible this past weekend, and a 70-mile stretch of I-80 was shut down for several days. A 20-car pile-up was reported near Truckee, and ski resorts were closed due to wind and avalanche concerns. [KTVU]
  • A power outage early this morning at BART's Millbrae Station halted all train service to SFO, adding to post-holiday travel woes for some. The outage, reported around 5 a.m., prompted bus-bridge service from San Bruno Station to SFO. [CBS SF]
  • Delta Airlines was forced to turn a Seattle-to-Shanghai flight around mid-air on Monday, because of newly imposed, COVID-related flight-cleaning requirements for landing at Shanghai Pudong Airport. The airline says that compliance with the requirement is "not operationally viable for Delta." [Associated Press]
  • A driver on eastbound I-580 lost control of their vehicle and veered off the freeway onto a city street in Pleasanton before crashing early Monday. [KTVU]
  • Airlines around the country canceled another 932 flights and counting today due to COVID-related staffing shortages, and weather. [FlightAware / ABC News]
  • Mount Hamilton and several other high points in the Bay Area got a decent dusting of snow over the holiday weekend, with more possible this week. [Chronicle]
  • Apple is suing state-sponsored, Israeli hacker-for-hire firm NSO Group, which gets hired to hack into iPhones and other Apple products. [Apple]
  • The jury in the Elizabeth Holmes trial will return to deliberate another day today. [New York Times]

Top image: View from the Cupertino hills this morning, courtesy of PG&E/AlertWildfire