Keep an eye out for SF mayor London Breed making a brief appearance near the end of The Matrix Resurrections, and yes, she is wearing goth black leather and high-fashion sunglasses.

NOTE: This post contains absolutely no spoilers about The Matrix Resurrections, which premiered Wednesday night. Except one. According to SFGate, San Francisco mayor London Breed has a cameo near the end of The Matrix Resurrections.

The film premiered in theaters and on HBO Max last night. SFist has not yet seen this fourth Matrix installment, we’re saving it for our drunken/depressed/isolated sad Christmas Day streaming movie marathon. But NBC Bay Area’s Bigad Shaban apparently queued it up on HBO Max Wednesday night, and got a few screenshots of Breed’s brief cameo.

We see from the credits that Breed plays a character named Calliope, named for the “Chief of all Muses” in Greek mythology. Per SFGate, “Breed portrays Calliope, a member of the Resistance who is instructed to ‘take the wounded’ as Neo and Trinity take off in a frenzied car chase across the city.”

This is not a surprise to Matrix devotees who’ve been paying close attention. The Examiner reported in February 2020, when the film was shooting in the Financial District, that “Breed was set to appear in the film,” and that “She even had a costume fitting in her office a few weeks ago.” Additionally, the Hollywood Reporter said on Sunday that Breed remarked at Saturday night’s red carpet premiere, “I got a nice scene in there.”

People will surely complain that “She should have better things to do,” but this is not that unusual. Willie Brown had cameos in The Princess Diaries (2001), George of the Jungle (1997), Just One Night (2000), and the TV show Suddenly Susan (1997), all while sitting mayor of San Francisco (Playing, of course, himself). And San Francisco has had a terrible reputational year in the national headlines, so The Matrix Resurrections is a nice reminder that for all our faults, San Francisco is still a world-class destination and location.

Because they’re not making any Matrix movies in your shitty-ass town, Tucker Carlson.

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Image: Warner Bros.