A Healdsburg city council meeting turned into a mini-January 6 insurrection Monday, as anti-vaccine zealots stormed City Hall and forced a council meeting onto Zoom.

The Healdsburg City Council meets on the first and third Monday of every month, which means they had a scheduled meeting last night. But as the image below shows you, last night was also a wingnut “Freedom Rally” at Healdsburg City Hall, because as the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports, a proudly unvaccinated city council member has become a cause célèbre among the covidiot death cult known as the “medical freedom movement."

Image: Sonoma County Republican Party via Instagram

And that “Freedom Rally” did exactly what it was intended to do, which was disrupt the city council meeting with chaos and tantrums. KTVU reports that protesters got so unmanageable that an in-person meeting was forced onto Zoom. Protesters adopted the rallying cry that it is somehow unacceptable that unvaccinated council member Skylaer Palacios has to participate in meetings virtually, because she refuses to get vaccinated.    

"I think it's kind of senseless that she's not allowed inside her council chambers," rallier Shelby Darby told KTVU. That station notes that Darby had “rented a charter bus to bring protesters to the rally,” so you know that bus was just crawling with COVID-19.

According to KTVU, “protesters overran the lobby” at City Hall before the meeting. The station adds that “After banging on the glass walls clamoring to get in, protesters eventually found an unlocked entrance and flowed into the council foyer, unimpeded," and that “Healdsburg police sent two officers to guard the doors, only after the chamber lights were dimmed and the meeting moved online.”

The council did eventually reconvene, on Zoom, while the protesters continued to throw fits outside. According to KTVU, the meeting merely covered “speed limits, road safety and parklets,” and the vaccination topic did not come up.

But you can see where the anti-vaccine movement is going with this. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that Palacios’ partner recently posted to Instagram, “Do you need extra money in your pocket?! Join our lawsuit against the Sonoma County Public Health Department for providing misinformation to our community regarding the COVID-19 vaccination.”

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Image: Sonoma County Republican Party