• SFUSD says Lowell High School will stick with its controversial lottery admissions system for one more year, despite a judge striking it down, because it’s supposedly too late to change for next year.  “We recognize that in light of the recent court decision, families are anxious to know what the admissions process will be for applying to Lowell for the 2022-23 school year,” superintendent Dr. Vincent Mathews said in a statement. “It would be logistically impossible to establish and implement any selective admissions criteria prior to the application deadline of Feb. 4 so I am recommending we maintain our current admissions practice for Lowell for the upcoming school year.” [Chronicle]
  • A Santa Rosa family won Monday night’s episode of The Great Christmas Light Fight with a spectacular amusement park-style choo-choo train spread. Of course you want to see the video and here it is. Santa Rosa’s Berndt family won $50,000 for winning the Monday episode, but the season finale winner will not be determined until Thursday night’s episode. [KGO]
  • Three former Google employees have sued the company for allegedly breaking its "Don't be Evil" pledge. The three employees were all fired in a five-minute span after starting an internal petition asking the company to end its cloud computing contract with Customs and Border Protection that put kids in cages. [Vice]
  • Salesforce has appointed a new co-CEO to work alongside Marc Benioff, so maybe Benioff can spend more time with Jack Dorsey. [Chronicle]
  • Remote work be damned, Facebook a.k.a. Meta just leased an entire 720,000-square foot new office campus in Sunnyvale. [East Bay Times]
  • OH SHIIIIIT, a new The Matrix Resurrections trailer dropped today called “Deja Vu,” and it features more black cat and psychedelia shots and fewer helicopter chases and explosions. [Youtube]  

Image: ABC.com