There are 109 locations in San Francisco providing booster vaccine shots to the general public, and quite a few of them do accept drop-ins.

The COVID-19 vaccine booster shot is now available to everyone 18 and up in the state of California, and it’s on all of us to make sure California keeps the lowest COVID case rate in the country. And that means getting your booster shot if your prior COVID-19 vaccination was six months ago or longer.

There are 109 locations in San Francisco giving out booster shots in San Francisco, and honestly, these are just the normal vaccination sites. But to help you understand how easy it is to get that booster shot, we’ve mapped out all of their locations below, and added the days and hours these locations are open.

Yep, most of these are just Walgreens stores, and the Walgreens locations with pharmacies giving vaccine shots are shown as purple dots. The orange dots are Safeway pharmacies giving out shots and booster shots, and the dark red-purple dots are CVS locations. The blue dots indicate hospital or city-run sites.

Appointments are pretty helpful, particularly at the chain retailers. Here are the links to make a Walgreens vaccine appointment, or to make a CVS vaccine appointment, or to make a Safeway vaccine appointment. Link to appointments for city or hospital run sites can be found here.

Hours are going to be a little wonky this week with the Thanksgiving holiday and all. But there is one place you can get a vaccine shot or a vaccine booster on Thanksgiving Day. That would be Glide, where they are administering vaccines from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

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Image: Google Maps