DJ Khaled has lent his name to a delivery-only wings enterprise that is "making history" today with a simultaneous launch on three continents with 150 locations, and one of them appears to be in San Francisco.

Another Wing is the name of the outfit, and it's a ghost kitchen situation with a menu of eight wing flavors and a couple of sides — and everything has a hokey name inspired by DJ Khaled tracks and catchphrases, like "Un Un Un Believable Buffalo" and "You Loyal! Lemon Pepper." And Khaled has apparently called out "They Don’t Want You to Win Truffalo" as one of his personal favorites, which is a black truffle-flavored Buffalo sauce.

The San Francisco location is up on GrubHub and taking preorders, and it says it opens at 4:30 p.m. The location is listed as 468 Capp Street, a ghost kitchen location that also happens to be the source of another wing menu, Wings & Things, as well as MrBeast Burgers.

As Bloomberg reports, Another Wing is a venture from REEF Technology, a ghost kitchen competitor of Travis Kalanick's CloudKitchens which SFist first reported on early last year. REEF's Chief Creative Officer Alan Philips tells Bloomberg that he first proposed partnering with DJ Khaled and leveraging his social media following to promote one of his favorites foods — the team landed on wings as having broad international appeal.

Another Wing's wings and fries and onion rings. Photo courtesy of REEF

"REEF and Khaled are both Miami-born and raised with global reach," says Philips. "Khaled is a creator—he has tens of millions of followers, billions of streams. We started talking about how we could bring something he loves to his fans."

Philips added, by way of explaining the celebrity partnership, "REEF lets creators share food experiences. There hasn’t been a platform that allows creators in and outside the world of food to get to a lot of people at some sort of mass scale."

Khaled boasted to Bloomberg that they are "making history in the world of food" with the simultaneous launch of 150 "restaurants" around the globe, with locations across the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France, and the United Arab Emirates. And they're allegedly offering "jet ski delivery" to yachts.

REEF is clearly trying to capitalize on a couple of trends in contemporary food, celebrity endorsements and wings. Bloomberg notes that the Chili's linked delivery-only concept It’s Just Wings was making $3 million in average weekly sales after launching in mid-2020, and the parent company is set to post $150 million in annual sales from the brand alone.

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new, of course, but branded celebrity restaurants and menus are — have you heard about Mariah Carey's Mariah Menu on the McDonald's app, launching next month for the Christmas season?

Another Wing offers a pretty standard menu not unlike established local competitors like Wing Wings and Hot Sauce and Panko — which are real, bona fide restaurants, not ghost kitchens. The only big difference is the goofy names like "Suffering From Success Sweet Sesame Teriyaki," and dipping sauces like "I Ain't Regular Ranch" and "Baby, You Smart Blue Cheese."

There are waffle fries and onion rings, as well — you can get the fries togarashi-spiced or slathered in jalapeno cheese sauce. And there's a chocolate chip cookie on the menu — sorry, it's a Don't Play Your Self Chocolate Chip Cookie.

I'm pretty sure that these are all going to look and taste just like your average delivery wings, but for DJ Khaled fans, maybe they'll feel special.

Top photo courtesy of REEF Technology