• Chesa Boudin's office would like everyone to know that when it comes to car burglaries, they prosecute all the perpetrators that they can, but the police aren't making many arrests. Only about 2% of SF car burglaries result in arrest, the DA's office says. [CBS SF]
  • The San Francisco Port Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to allow the sale of whole Dungeness crab directly from fishing boats at Fisherman's Wharf. Whenever the commercial Dungeness season begins (it's currently on hold), fishermen can start selling directly to consumers — and SF was one of the last ports in California not to allow this. [Chronicle]
  • Comcast still won't say what the root cause of Monday night's mass outage was — and experts fear it was a case of strained internet infrastructure at a time when many of us are still working from home. Or was it just the rain? [Chronicle]
  • The freeway shooting that killed toddler Jasper Wu on Saturday was the 76th freeway shooting in Alameda County so far this year, the CHP says. [ABC 7]
  • For the fifth straight year, the Peninsula town of Atherton wins the prize for the nation's most expensive zip code, with the median home sale price at a record $7.475 million. [CBS SF]
  • Prince Harry says he warned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on January 5th that his platform was being used to help organize a coup at the Capitol, but he didn't hear back from him. [Associated Press]
  • A judge has rejected Donald Trump's assertion of executive privilege in protecting documents relating to January 6th, saying "Presidents are not kings, and plaintiff is not president." [New York Times]
  • Around 900,000 kids aged 5 to 11 got COVID vaccine shots in the first week, the White House says. [Associated Press]
  • Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten, now 72, has been recommended for parole for the fifth time. [CNN]

Photo: Claude Potts