Outside Lands is around the corner, and Bay Area natives know exactly what that means: It's time to turn up all Halloweekend long.

The music festival will take place from Friday, October 29 - Monday, November 1, making for the perfect spooky season celebration. Show up in your best costume or festive festival gear and be prepared to dance the nights (and days) away. And if you want to take things to the next level, rely on Eaze. [SPONSORED]

The below brands will be available for sale at Outside Lands, so no matter what sets you and your friends are planning to rage at, we'll have you covered with all of the best products for the occasion.

Friday, October 29th:

  1. Flo Milli + Everyday Ice Cream Cake

Eaze at Outside Lands: Everyday Ice Cream Cake

There are countless artists to check out throughout the weekend, but one of the most sought-after shows for Friday? Flo Milli shit!

The 21-year-old rapper rose to fame in 2020, after her singles “Beef FloMix” and “In The Party” went viral on TikTok.

Her performance is a guaranteed turn up, so make sure you come prepared with Everyday's Ice Cream Cake, a sugary, snuggly indica that will have you feeling warm and cozy all night.

2. 070 Shake + PAX Era x Jetty Northern Lights #5

Eaze at Outside Lands: Pax Era X Jetty Northern Lights 5

While Flo Milli will have you wanting to twerk the night away, 070 Shake is known for her moody, smooth flow that's more likely to have you in your feelings – in the best way possible.

Pair this with PAX Era x Jetty's Northern Lights #5, one of the most powerful indicas on the market.

Saturday, October 30th:

  1. ZHU + Timeless Grape Ape
Eaze at Outside Lands: Timeless Grape Ape 1000mg

It wouldn't be a music festival without some electronic music, and it wouldn't be Outside Lands without Bay Area native, ZHU.

The mysterious artist played in jazz bands and orchestras throughout school in San Francisco. This performance will be a momentous return to his roots and is an absolute must-see for natives and tourists alike.

Pair this performance with Timeless's Grape Ape, a full-gram weed cart of powerful indica that will have you ready to relax and soak in the vibes.

2. ODIE + Everyday Chem Pie

Eaze at Outside Lands: Everyday Chem Pie

Another Bay Area local, ODIE is known for his mellow vocals and insightful lyrics about day-to-day life.

This show will definitely make you think, which is why you can't show up without Everyday's Chem Pie: the perfect strain for chill conversation and introspection.

Sunday, October 31st:

  1. Kehlani + Lowell Herb Co.
Eaze at Outside Lands: Lowell Smokes Preroll Pack

The Oakland queen herself will be hitting the stage on Halloween night, and this is definitely a set no one is going to want to miss.

Pair this iconic, unforgettable vibe with Lowell Herb Co.'s SMOKES pre-rolls, the perfect pack for sharing – or keeping it all to yourself

2. Goth Babe + Pax Era x Jetty Maui Wowie

Eaze at Outside Lands: Pax Era X Jetty Maui Wowie

Griff Washburn – a.k.a., Goth Babe – is known for mellow, fuzzy tunes that feel like a daydream.

Pair this ethereal, Pacific Northwest-esque performance with Pax Era x Jetty's Maui Wowie, a sativa-dominant tropical strain that will have you feeling as euphoric as Goth Babe's sound.

Licenses: 1. Everyday C11-0000532-LIC 2. PAX CDPH-10002243 3. Timeless CDPH-10002269 4. Lowell Herb Co. C11-0000502-LIC