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21 Top SF Bridal Shops To Drape You In The Best Wedding Dress For You In 2022

Last Updated January 19, 2022

San Francisco is known for a lot of things. High-fashion just might not be one of them. We have beautiful architecture, unique culture, and some of the world's best food. Add into that many of the most recognizable names in tech & business, and you might think San Franciscans would be dressed to the proverbial "Nines." Of course, we have our own styles, but high-couture isn't generally in the repertoire. SF is rather recognized for its mash-up of hippies, techies, Deadheads, and Bay Rap enthusiasts. You're more likely to find hoodie sweatshirts or hipster attire than high-heels when swimming through our fog.

That doesn't mean we don't also have top fashion designers to dress you in a stunning wedding dress for your special day. These SF bridal shops will drape you in the finest and make you look as gorgeous as any bride should. Why is this list free to read?

Best FEATURED Wedding Dress Shops in SF

Lace and Liberty

Lace and Liberty bridal salons in San Francisco and Los Angeles believe in assisting women in creating "one-of-a-kind looks for one-of-a-kind brides." With this in mind, they design and create every outfit that they provide as examples in their stores from scratch in their workshop studio. They do more than only make a variety of changes to their pre-existing samples. They also give entire custom wedding gown services through collaboration between brides and stylists. Stylists discuss a bride's dress ideas, wedding theme, and general style goals with her before sketching out and presenting the options for her to choose. Lace and Liberty's designers strive to assist brides in revealing their innermost, truest selves to the world via their art.

#1 of 21 Best SF Bridal Shops

Bridal Breeze

Bridal Breeze is a high-end bridal boutique that offers a diverse selection of wedding gowns to all of its customers. They collaborate with European designers to ensure that they have a diverse assortment of wedding gowns. Fitted and A-line dresses are available in the boutique's dress assortment. They can also provide clients with access to opulent Pronovias gowns of the greatest quality. They also provide bespoke services to their clients, ensuring that any gown a bride chooses is a great fit for her personality, body shape, wedding theme, and other criteria. Brides who want to look at the dresses before going to the store can look at Bridal Breeze's online catalog, which includes full-color photographs, extensive descriptions, and costs for each option.

#2 of 21 Top Wedding Dress Shops in SF

Atelier Des Modistes

Atelier Des Modistes is one of the few bridal stores in San Francisco that handcrafts wedding gowns on-site. Suzanne Hanley adds a lifetime of experience and a passion for clothes design to each luxury, haute couture creation. Hanley spent five years as an apprentice to a modest couturier in Boston after learning to sew from her mother and grandmother as a child. She has been hand-crafting one-of-a-kind wedding gowns for brides both within and outside of the region since the early 1990s. Hanley works closely with her clientele at Atelier Des Modistes. She starts with a consultation that lasts almost an hour and a half. From the neckline to the trim, a bride tries on samples and discusses personalization choices for every component of the gown. Hanley takes up to nine months to produce a custom dress, but during that time she sources the finest laces and silks from mills across England and Europe, as well as doing in-house beadwork with freshwater pearls, semiprecious gemstones, and Swarovski crystals.

#3 of 21 Leading Wedding Dresses in SF

Winnie Couture

Winnie Couture San Francisco Bridal Shop is one of the city's most prestigious bridal boutiques. Winnie Chlomin Lee, a true bridal atelier, creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind bridal gowns and wedding dresses to help couples realize their wedding fantasies. Winnie Couture has been sought out by celebrities for gowns for weddings as well as other special occasions such as red carpet premieres and galas. Winnie Chlomin Lee begins each outfit with excellent European materials that are adorned with magnificent Swarovski crystals. Her new finished masterpiece can only be found at her bridal boutiques throughout the world. Her Diamond Label and Blush Label lines are available to brides. They can also purchase accessories such as scarcely there veils, crystal-encrusted belts, and jewelry from the shop.

#4 of 21 Top-Notch Bridal Boutiques in San Francisco

Helen Miller

Helen Miller is a San Francisco-based designer that creates one-of-a-kind, European-inspired wedding gowns for ladies from all walks of life. Helen Miller, a European native who transferred her couture skills to America, has won great accolades in both national and international fashion circles for her work. When it comes to varied bridal personalities, physical types, and personal tastes, Miller sees no boundaries. She can create a one-of-a-kind gown from the ground up that fulfills every desire on a bride's wish list. During one-on-one sessions at the shop, she also customizes her existing outfits to match the wants and dreams of clients. Miller's meticulous attention to detail adds personal touches that most brides won't find anywhere. She puts a little bow on each outfit, for example, to bring luck to the bride who is wearing it.

#6 of 21 Top Wedding Dresses in SF

Marina Morrison

Marina Morrison has been providing brides with some of the most exquisite and distinctive gowns masterfully produced by designers from around the world for over 35 years. Marina Morrison is a high-end wedding boutique that gives brides VIP access to some of the world's most coveted gowns. The shop's staff enriches the experience by providing an on-site showroom gallery that showcases all of the gowns available. They also provide special veils and other accessories to brides. Morrison's shop is one of the most popular stops for brides looking for one-of-a-kind gowns. It's also the only place on the West Coast where brides may check out the collections of amazing designers who aren't accessible anyplace else.

#7 of 21 Leading Bridal Boutiques in San Francisco


Lovely Bride is one of the best bridal businesses in San Francisco. It was one of the first bridal boutiques to offer individualized cool experiences rather than conventional ones when it opened 12 years ago. Lanie List, the company's founder, was looking for innovative ways to keep the bridal gown search fascinating and creative. She also concentrated on patterns that were unusual. Rather than using the traditional approach, she found many of her designers on Etsy. Alexandra Grecco, Anna Kara, Carol Hannah, Dear Heart, Flora, Kate McDonald, Louvienne, Lovers Society, Made With Love, Prea James, Rime Arodaky, Rita Vinieris, Rue de Seine, Sarah Seven, Studio Levana, Suzanne Neville, Tara Lauren, Theia Couture, and Vagabond are among the designers featured at Lovely today. The business also hosts trunk displays, which they now refer to as sales events, where brides may have first access to discounted dresses and sneak peeks at new designs.

#8 of 21 Best Wedding Dresses in SF

JINZA Couture

JINZA Couture is one of the best wedding dress boutiques in San Francisco, offering both custom and ready-to-wear gowns. Every year, only a few number of handmade dresses are produced. Brides can choose a dress from a model piece designed by Jinza Jin, the shop's founder, or another shop designer, or request VIP haute couture service to build a one-of-a-kind custom garment from scratch. All dresses are made on-site by seamstresses who are closely supervised by designers to ensure that a bride receives the promised finished result. JINZA Couture is an online store that sells gowns and veils, as well as discounted sample dresses, loungewear, bespoke robes, and silk accessories. Brides and bridesmaids can also find gift packages that they can customize in a variety of ways, including with personalised inscriptions and monogrammed goods.

#9 of 21 Top Bridal Boutiques in San Francisco

Joan Gilbert Bride

Joan Gilbert Bride creates one-of-a-kind handmade wedding gowns in San Francisco. Amarildine, Le Spose di Gio, and Peter Langner are among the top European designers represented in the salon's chosen collection. Brides can only see the current collection by appointment, so that leading wedding gown designer Joan Gilbert can devote her full attention to each bride in her exclusive workshop. Gilbert works with a bride to select a gown that is appropriate for her body shape, personality, family traditions, cultural interests, and event theme. She goes on to talk about how personalized accents can allow a bride truly express herself through a magnificent, bespoke wedding gown. Once Gilbert and the bride have reached an agreement, she enlists the help of Italian and Parisian design houses to put all of the elements together to create an incredible work that satisfies a bride's wedding dress aspirations.

#10 of 21 Leading SF Bridal Shops

Glamour Closet

Glamour Closet has been one of San Francisco's finest affordable bridal businesses for over 16 years. In a sector that emphasizes the value of new, original designs, the boutique began as a concept to open a designer shopping outlet and full-service bridal salon. Glamour Closet's staff believes that "every day is a sample sale," and sells sample floor, showroom, and runway dresses as well as overstock gowns from leading national and international designers and shops. Dress costs at this boutique are often 25 to 75 percent less than retail pricing in other retailers. Instead of going to the store, brides can shop online. With the exception of Alaska and Hawaii, the boutique ships to every state in the United States.

#11 of 21 Top-Notch Wedding Dress Shops in SF

Unveiled Bridal

In the Bay Area, Unveiled Wedding offers an intimate, appointment-only bridal boutique experience. The on-site personnel views their position as assisting ladies in expressing their true selves on their wedding day as empowering. Brides can explore a selected wide range of wedding gowns and accessories expertly designed by top national and international designers over the course of an uninterrupted hour-and-a-half consultation at the shop. While sipping champagne, everyone in the bride's party may relax and enjoy a stress-free session. Throughout the year, Unveiled Bridal hosts trunk shows to expose brides to discounted fashion possibilities as well as new designs and collections that haven't yet hit the market. During this appointment, brides are also welcome to try on any gown from the main collection.

#12 of 21 Best Bridal Boutiques in San Francisco

Wild Bride

Wild Bride is one of the region's premier full-service bridal businesses, focusing on the wedding needs and experiences of "unique, unusual, and free-spirited" women who want to look and feel free of traditional expectations. Samira Araghi, the company's founder, polished her skills by studying fashion design in Milan and the United States, as well as working in key fashion centers throughout the world. She eventually decided she wanted to work in the wedding industry and moved to the Bay Area to learn more and eventually create her own shop. She later expanded beyond wedding gowns to include consultation services related to other important wedding-related topics that often cause brides unnecessary stress, such as wedding planning. Araghi features gowns from both domestic and international designers that are "chic and trendy." She also gives brides special access to accessories and jewelry that they won't find anywhere else. During a consultation, the personnel at Wild Bride may offer a bride wedding planning advice as well as references to professional partners in the area, such as venues, decorators, florists, and photographers. Throughout the year, Araghi hosts unique events to introduce brides to these couples.

#13 of 21 Top SF Bridal Shops

Novella Bridal

Novella Bridal has been one of the top wedding dress shops in San Francisco for over 20 years and is known as a "premium wedding gown destination." It started out as a bridal atelier with complete studio and manufacturing capabilities. Casablanca Bridal, Essense of Australia, Martina Liana, Pronovias, and Pronovias Atelier are among the off-site designers currently offering unique wedding gowns. Trunk shows are held at various times throughout the year to provide brides with VIP access to reduced samples and new designs. Novella Bridal offers full alteration services for customizing, restoring, and fitting gowns. These services are available separately, so brides can hire the team to refresh a dress purchased from the shop or from another merchant.

#14 of 21 Leading Wedding Dress Shops in SF

jinwang bride

Jinwang Bride is a bridal boutique in San Francisco that sells exquisite, unique wedding gowns designed by designer Jin Wang, who believes in designing gowns that combine beauty, grace, and tranquillity. Her SF shop features opulent modern gowns with classic accents. Each gown is custom-made to order. Samples are only available to brides via appointment. Wang and her crew also sell a variety of other designers' accessories, such as beaded belts, crystal earrings, French lace veils, and jackets, such as Jennifer Behr, Erin Cole, Ossai, and Pronovias. Wang also sells a handpicked assortment of inexpensive off-the-rack and sample gowns in limited sizes, in addition to her new creations. Finally, she has a selection of ready-to-wear options for receptions and after-parties.

#15 of 21 Top-Notch Wedding Dresses in SF

Sarah Seven

Sarah Seven is one of San Francisco's most prestigious bridal shops. It provides a full-service boutique experience as well as Sarah Seven-branded gowns in stylish, minimalist, and modern styles. Brides can explore wedding dress designs and try on pieces by appointment at its main salon in San Francisco, featuring the whole SS branded line of wedding dresses as well as the Max Fritz Bride and Before collections. The store also hosts trunk shows from time to time to provide brides with great discounts and the opportunity to see new dress and accessory styles and possibilities. All current branded wedding gowns are also available in other brand boutiques in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, as well as a wide range of bridal retail outlets both domestically and internationally.

#16 of 21 Best SF Bridal Shops

Paris Connection Bridal

Paris Connection Bridal is a San Francisco Bay Area bridal business that offers exclusive designs from a select group of designers who strive to strike a balance between well-known exquisite, traditional, and modern styles. Several designers, including Justin Alexander and Lillian West, have special collections in-store for brides. A collection of "bohemian chic" designs and a wide choice of European accessories are also available at the shop. The staff at Paris Connection has over 20 years of wedding planning experience. Their main purpose is to make the wedding gown search less stressful for women. They seek out the ideal wedding gown to assist a bride in meeting her wedding theme requirements while also expressing her individuality and personal preference.

#17 of 21 Top Wedding Dress Shops in SF

Dark Garden

Dark Garden is one of the few bridal boutiques in San Francisco that only sells ready-to-wear and bespoke corsets. Dark Garden's designers have been creating some of the most beautiful and effective corset designs in the world since 1989. They're the corsetieres of the stars, and they're famous all over the world. They feature more than a dozen styles in their ready-to-wear line that are suitable for a variety of body types and waist sizes ranging from 22 to 55 inches. Every member of the crew is a dedicated corset wearer, and each piece is handcrafted by skilled dressmakers, ensuring that all ready-to-wear products have been thoroughly tested before being released. They also offer custom corsetry services, which include measurements, drafting, and fitting, as well as cutting and sewing. Each personalized corset can be tailored to a bride's individual needs by their designers and dressmakers.

#18 of 21 Leading Wedding Dresses in SF

Bridal Galleria

Bridal Galleria, one of the finest wedding dress shops in San Francisco, has been assisting brides in crafting their love stories with the help of exquisite wedding gowns for over 35 years. This high-end salon provides complete bridal services. Berta, Ines Di Santo, Lazaro, Monique Lhuillier, and Vera Wang offer one of the greatest and most diversified collections of couture wedding dresses in the world. In addition, the company's designers and seamstresses offer on-demand personalized adjustments. Bridal Galleria regularly offers trunk exhibits with some of the industry's most well-known names. They provide brides initial access to the newest, upcoming gown and accessory designs by appointment only. On the salon's website, brides can purchase specific goods, including significantly discounted off-the-rack gowns.

#19 of 21 Top-Notch Bridal Boutiques in San Francisco

...And Something Blue

...And Something Blue is a bridal boutique in San Francisco that focuses in offering modern brides with a diverse selection of wedding gowns. The stylists at the studio understand that brides aren't "one size fits all" women. They understand how crucial the perfect gown is in assisting a bride in expressing her individuality and spirit. With this in mind, they offer clients access to gowns created by internationally renowned designers. They also sell new and used samples off the rack for up to 75% less than typical retail costs, allowing any bride whose life has been disturbed by big life events to realize their dream of a flawless wedding day. Finally,...And Something Blue provides complete design and alteration services for unique gowns. The studio's designer may take parts from practically any gown and combine them with additional features chosen by the bride to create a completely unique piece.

#20 of 21 Best Wedding Dress Shops in SF

Vera Wang Bride

If you don't already know, Vera Wang is a world-renowned fashion designer who - if you ask the internet - has not aged at all over the course of the past 40 years. The Vera Wang Bride boutique in San Fransisco is the obvious place to go if you want to be draped in Vera Wang designs for your special day. Vera Wang carries wedding dresses and accessories for any blushing Bride, and you know that you will be wearing a high-quality, high-fashion item on the day of your nuptuals. With numerous lines at varying price points, Vera Wang offers a wide selection in their location just off of Union Square. Stylist in the location will help you pick out the look that fits your vision and get you started on what will surely become one of the most special days of your life.

#21 of 21 Top Wedding Dresses in SF

Janene's Bridal

Janene's Bridal is a well-known, family-owned bridal business in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers brides one of the region's most extensive collections of wedding gowns. Brides can browse over 600 various dresses in the boutique, including nearly 100 plus size gowns. Janene, a designer who has spent the last 40 years honing her craft of designing gorgeous, high-quality gowns, also has her own Laugmiere label. Janene's Bridal also has a team of 11 wedding stylists and eight modifications professionals on hand to ensure that each bride has a stunning gown that expresses her inner beauty and dreams. Brides and bridesmaids can enjoy a VIP Happy Hour and a rentable beauty bar and dressing area on the wedding day by making an appointment.


The above list includes SF Wedding Bridal Shops that SFist believes actively provides superior services. In some cases, they are among the most successful teams in San Francisco. In some cases, variable, sponsorship listing fees or commissions effect the ranking position of the teams, but every one has a history of providing great services. To learn more about SFist's classifieds listings read more here.

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21 Top SF Bridal Shops To Drape You In The Best Wedding Dress For You In 2022
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