A voracious alleged sexual predator on what sounds like a self-destructive, predatory bender was arrested in December in Walnut Creek after reportedly attempting to "buy" two young girls from their mother. Investigators later found a home rigged with hidden cameras, a trove of child porn, and records of child-sex tourism in Asia.

The story emerging of this suspect is a difficult one to stomach, and as the Mercury News reports, the case has "mushroomed into something that horrified even seasoned sex-crime investigators." It involves a 36-year-old Oakland man, an oral surgeon named Cassidy Lavorini-Doyle, who is in jail in Contra Costa County after a bizarre incident in which he seemed intent on purchasing children for his sexual pleasure — and court documents suggest that he had either attempted or succeeded in hiring prepubescent girls for this purpose in the past both locally and abroad.

According to investigators, on the night of December 6, Lavorini-Doyle was at his accountant's office in Walnut Creek where he reportedly told the accountant he was tens of thousands of dollars in debt and owed money to "bad people." He then allegedly proceeded to accost a woman who was working in the building as a custodian, attempting to force her into his car as she was emptying trash into a dumpster outside with her two young daughters beside her. He offered to buy the girls, according to court documents, for $30,000, saying he would take them and return with the money. Investigators say the girls told them that Lavorini-Doyle asked, "Do you want me to be your dad?"

The incident was interrupted by someone else leaving the building. Lavorini-Doyle then got in his car and circled the parking lot, but was soon arrested. He was only briefly detained by police and released that night, and according to investigators, the following morning he booked a $7,000 flight to Cambodia, where he remained until December 11. He allegedly downloaded a "Cambodia sex guide for men," and returned with receipts for "transactions" involving 10-year-old girls. He was arrested by Homeland Security on his return.

Days later, Walnut Creek police served search warrants at Lavorini-Doyle's Oakland home, and found a cache of child pornography, including at least one video allegedly depicting him raping a young girl. They also found multiple objects containing hidden video recording devices, including an alarm clock, a picture frame, and a notebook. Investigators say they also found emails suggesting that Lavorini-Doyle had rented a home in Berkeley for the purposes of sexual activity with two young girls, and he had allegedly been cutting a deal for "the delivery of a girl" from Tracy, whom he promised to return after two weeks. It's unclear if any of these transactions came to fruition.

As the Chronicle reports, Lavorini-Doyle has pleaded not guilty, and Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office spokesman Scott Alonso says the investigation is "still very active." No trial date has yet been set.

The California Dental Board has said it is aware of the allegations and is investigating, and per the Mercury News, the state Attorney General’s office has already moved to revoke Lavorini-Doyle’s dental license. His oral surgery practice is based in downtown Oakland.

Anyone with further information about the case or any possible victims is asked to call the district attorney’s human trafficking hotline at 925-957-8658.