A large tree came down amid gusting winds Sunday night in San Mateo County, hitting power lines and causing some damage, but no fire was sparked.

The exact time of the incident is unclear, but Cal Fire crews were on the scene as of 5 a.m. Monday assessing the damages. The tree came down in the coastal village of El Granada, just north of Half Moon Bay, south of Mavericks Beach.

When the tree fell, it took a power line with it, and it caused damage to one home and three vehicles, according to a tweet from Cal Fire.

It's not clear how many power customers were affected by the downed power line.

A significant wind event forecast by the National Weather Service caused overnight gusts that exceeded 50 miles per hour off the San Francisco and San Mateo County coasts, with some gusts recorded inland that were north of 40 miles per hour.

The event, known as an "inside slider," can trigger Diablo and Santa Ana winds, and it's caused when northerly air and a low pressure system move in a steep southward direction, pulling air from the eastern side of the Sierra over across the ridges to the west.

This system was also clearly causing high winds out over the ocean as well.