• Longtime KTVU anchor Frank Somerville has been reportedly pulled from the air "indefinitely" for wanting to point out that U.S. media often gives far more attention to tragedies involving white women than those of BIPOC women. Verified sources said that Somerville was informed by station management the next day that he was being suspended over the disagreement; Somerville is the adoptive father of a Black teen daughter. [Mercury News]
  • A major SF roadway is closed this weekend for repairs. Caltrans has shut down the connector ramp between westbound Interstate 80 and Northbound Highway 101 and will reopen it at 5 a.m. Monday; upwards of 2,000 vehicles an hour travel on this connector ramp during peak times — which includes the weekend. [KTVU]
  • Another San Franciscan was brazenly attacked in broad daylight. Risley Biserra was randomly punched in the face at an SFMTA bus stop near Geneva and Mission; this attack comes after multiple people were punched in the face or swung along West Portal Avenue about a week ago. [ABC7]
  • There will be a caravan calling for the outright cancellation of back-due rent tomorrow starting at 11:30 am off 1875 Marin Street, which will end with an afternoon rally at Garfield Park. [Mission Local]
  • Take this weekend to try any one of these well-reviewed Indian eateries. [Eater SF]
  • The Fawn Fire grew over a thousand overnight, now having burned at least 7,544 acres. [CAL FIRE]
  • Speaking of wildfires: It's now estimated that 90% of the Amazon's biodiversity has been affected by the blazes ravaging the world's largest forest. [Mongabay]
  • Today's opinion piece in the New York Times suggests that there's "no way to end a pandemic" (and it's very much starting to feel that way). [NYT]

Photo: Getty Images/Jessica Loijens