A vast majority of Bay Area residents voted against the recall on Tuesday, and we cast 27% of the total "No" votes in the state, and counting.

By SFist's count, a little over 2 million Bay Area residents cast ballots in the recall, as of last count, and 1.6 million cast "No" votes. Across the region, the tally was 78% against, and 22% for recalling Governor Gavin Newsom.

In San Francisco, it was an even wider margin against — 86.7%, versus 13.3% voting "Yes." Also, a large majority of SF voters left the replacement question blank on their ballots — only about 95,000, or 36% of the city's 267,000 votes counted as of now had votes for replacements, and the candidate with a plurality was YouTuber Kevin Paffrath, a Democrat. In fact, San Francisco was the only county in the state where Larry Elder didn't take a plurality of votes on the second question on the ballot.

Chart by SFist. Data as of 3 a.m. on 9/15

Solano County was the only county in the Bay Area to have more than 30% of voters voting in favor of the recall, but turnout in the county also appears to be low-ish. Only 45% of registered voters in Solano County have had their ballots counted so far, compared with 53% in San Francisco.

And there's a not insignificant number of Larry Elder supporters scattered around our region. Elder got 166,000 votes and counting between Contra Costa, Solano, and Santa Clara counties alone.

Still, the Bay Area showed no signs of becoming Republican anytime soon, and the region's 2,060,000 votes represent 22% of the total votes cast across the state.

Los Angeles County also went largely on the "No" side, with 1.6 million voting against the recall, and 658,000 voting "Yes."

And even in sometimes conservative San Diego County, where turnout was around 44%, only 41% of voters voted "Yes."

Heavily populated and heavily Republican Orange County still went majority "No," but it was tighter: 464,000 "No" votes vs. 418,000 "Yes" votes. This proves the increasing "purple" nature of the county, where Democrat Katie Porter squeaked into Congress in 2018.

And even in the Republican stronghold of Fresno County the recall was a squeaker, with 90,181 "Yes" votes and 89,502 "No" votes.

In any event, Gavin is sitting pretty and can now put this mess behind him. And you can bet we will spend the next few months hearing about the legislature reforming the recall process so this doesn't happen again.

Top image: California Gov. Gavin Newsom greets supporters as he arrives at a "Vote No" get out the vote tour campaign stop at Mission Language and Vocational School on September 07, 2021 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)