Because of an "electrical issue" earlier in the week, San Francisco's iconic cable cars are currently corralled inside SFMTA's "Barn" — with still no operational date in sight.

On Thursday, SFist reported about a smoke alarm going off at the SFMTA's cable car barn, which resulted in a power outage, all of which led to a suspension of service on all cable car lines Thursday afternoon. However, there appears to have been some misreporting by SFMTa that day. (Transit officials later said that incorrect information was posted on Twitter and that the smoke alarm was issued in a utility room, but it didn't result in any evacuation orders nor injures.)

Nevertheless: As of Saturday, the suspension is still in effect.

"Due to an electrical issue at the Barn, Cable Cars have been replaced with limited bus service on all lines until further notice," the transportation agency reiterated today on Twitter before offering substitutional routes. "Consider nearby alternatives like the #FMarket, 8 Bayshore & 30 Stockton."

Initially, it was insinuated that SF's cable cars would be back up and running their usual routes by sometime Friday. But maintenance crews have been unable to fix the problem since Thursday. Alas, cable car service in SF will not be restored until further notice.

In this cable car limbo, use this as an opportunity to check out some of SFMTA's other historically significant transit vehicles —  like any one of its eight vintage streetcars.

"While cable cars are unavailable, try a lovely ride between the Castro & Fisherman’s Wharf on our other historic fleet: the #FMarket historic streetcars," SFMTA reminded its 168K followers on Twitter today.

To figure out how you can traverse the city sans hoping on the cable cars, visit SFMTA's Trip Planner ( for more information.

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Photo: Getty Images/bluejayphoto