• TikTok's algorithm can very quickly direct teen users to content about sex, drugs, and pornography. The Wall Street Journal created some fake accounts saying they belonged to 13- to 15-year-olds, and found that the algorithm soon had them watching videos about sex, cocaine, and meth. [KRON4/NewsNationNow]
  • Jimmy Garoppolo will start as quarterback for the 49ers' opening game against Detroit on Sunday, putting to rest rumors that he was being replaced. Coach Kyle Shanahan admits that he has been "hardheaded" about not announcing a starter, after the team drafted younger quarterback Trey Lance, which started rumors flying. [CBS SF]
  • A crossing guard known as Mr. Dias and a child were struck by a car Wednesday afternoon in Lafayette, and the crossing guard was killed. The mother of the child, who was only minorly injured, says that the crossing guard saved her child's life. [KTVU / ABC 7]
  • Millennium Tower's developers are assuring residents that work will resume to build a new foundation after engineers say they are taking measures to stop the tower's recently observed accelerated sinking. [NBC Bay Area]
  • The Chronicle has a piece pegged to 9/11 about how the terrorist act 20 years ago was supposed to "end the age of skyscrapers," but now SF has more than ever. [Chronicle]
  • Republican recall candidate Larry Elder had an egg thrown at him during a campaign stop in Venice yesterday. [KTVU]
  • At the Tokyo Paralympic Games, co-ed rowing silver medalist Charley Nordin, who grew up in the East Bay, wore a t-shirt to the medal podium that said "Justice for Oscar Grant." [East Bay Times]
  • President Biden today will be unveiling a six-point plan to curb the Delta surge and get more of the country vaccinated. [ABC 7]

Photo: Tyler Casey