• The Caldor Fire is now 29% contained as of Friday morning, and winds slowed the fire's growth Thursday night to a creep. There is now some cautious optimism that the fire will be kept away from Lake Tahoe and out of South Lake Tahoe. [New York Times]
  • San Francisco police have arrested 36-year-old Hermando Aresolo in connection with the August 17 murder of 48-year-old Theodore Tolliver on Larkin Street. Tolliver was involved in several community groups, including the San Francisco Reentry Council, which helps formerly incarcerated people find resources. [CBS SF]
  • A large homeless encampment in North San Jose, on property owned by Apple, has been fully cleared. The 60 or so residents of the encampment were offered three options for housing, including a motel room for nine months paid for by Apple. [CBS SF]
  • Concession workers at Oracle Park are threatening strike if they don't get hazard pay, after at least 20 of them have tested positive for COVID-19. The workers and their union are demanding $3 per hour in hazard pay, and may go on strike this weekend. [KTVU]
  • A UCSF expert is calling out the SF School Board for taking a host of strict COVID measures for students that she says are "not medically warranted" given the very low levels of the virus among children in the city. [ABC 7]
  • One person died and another was injured when a vehicle crashed into a building in downtown San Jose. [NBC Bay Area]
  • If you had an Airbnb rental in the North Lake Tahoe area this week, Airbnb is not offering any cancellation breaks or refunds due to air quality, since the Caldor Fire and evacuation zones are in the South Lake Tahoe area. [CBS SF]
  • Filming has begun for a Hulu miniseries called The Dropout, based on the podcast of the same name about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos — and Amanda Seyfried was recently spotted on set in Holmes drag. [Mercury News]

Photo: Galaad Linosfil