Looks like SF voters will see a recall election for three school board members, as that effort claims they have well exceeded the number of signatures required to trigger an election.

Of the three recall efforts city and state voters are being asked to consider, the San Francisco school board recall seems the most puzzling of the bunch. Why are they still doing this, considering that schools are  back open and the renaming project has been shelved, which seem to be the biggest grievances of the recall crowd? Is this all just angry Lowell High parents pissed off about admissions policy changes? And is it just a mere coincidence that they’re only trying to recall three members who are Black, Latinx, and Pacific Islander, with no recall effort against the white or Asian board members?

It may be that none of these questions matter anyway, The Chronicle reports that the recall effort has reached its signature goal of 70,000 signatures per board member they’d like to recall, though technically, that announcement is short of 70,000 for targeted board member Faauuga Moliga.

“Overall we’re so gratified and humbled by the outpouring of support for the school board recall from people in every walk of life and from every part of the city,” the parent who organized the recall, Siva Raj, told the Chronicle.

They only needed just over 51,000 signatures to qualify, but it’s standard petitioning process to get 20,000 more than you need, in case large numbers of the signatures are invalidated. The city now has 30 days to verify those signatures. Board members have done themselves no favors with bizarre lawsuits against the city, though as 48 Hills observes, there’s a curious amount of real estate money backing the recall effort.

The election could be as soon as November, it could be in the first half of 2022.

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Image: BriefEdits via Wikimedia Commons