• Cult-hit seafood restaurant Swan Oyster Depot faced a racism allegation on Instagram, and out-of-state Yelpers are piling on. The critically acclaimed oyster counter joint has had Yelp reviews frozen over an Asian-American customer who said a server repeatedly called them “dim sum,” but owner Jimmy Sancimino apologized and said it was a reference to their attempting to order food from multiple different servers. Maybe servers just shouldn’t use the term “dim sum” in that context? [Chronicle]
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi again showed why you shouldn’t bet against her, maneuvering the $3.5 trillion budget and infrastructure through the House. Monday night, nine moderate Dems insisted they would kill this bill, but in the end, all of them voted for it. [CNBC]  
  • Kate Steinle’s parents had their lawsuit against the federal government shot down again. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said too many things happened between the moment a federal agent lost the gun and that same gun was later used to kill Steinle, so the feds could not be held responsible. [Chronicle]
  • Looks like David Campos is definitely running for David Chiu’s state senate seat, as he’s confirmed forming an exploratory committee, as Chiu is considered a shoo-in as Mayor Breed’s choice for city attorney. [eBAR]  
  • Bay Area Tesla owners say they’re facing car break-ins at unprecedented rates, and a chorus of the world’s tiniest violins sends their sympathies. [KPIX]
  • New York is now a more expensive rental market than San Francisco, according to Zumper data. Ice cream party at Pelosi’s. [Business Insider]

Image: @WikiVictorian via Twitter