With California's gubernatorial recall election uncomfortably close, Vice President Kamala Harris is heading back to the Bay Area to help sway voters about why they should vote "no."

Pollsters covering the contentious election show a nail-bitingly-close call as to whether or not voters want Newsom booted from his term early. (Many of those same pollsters show that Elder would be the clear replacement by some ten points above anyone else.) To help widen Newsom’s narrow lead, Vice President Harris is now expected to participate in a Bay Area rally on August 27 to boost voter participation for his favor.

"I am excited to join my friend and our Vice President next week," Newsom said in a statement, according to the Chronicle. "The stakes of this election couldn't be higher."

Harris's visit comes at a time when Democrats are sounding the alarm about the recall election; President Biden, Senator Booker, and Senator Warren have all come out in support of the California Governor — with Warren even calling the recall election the result of "Trump Republicans."

Nevertheless: The current polls continue showing a razor-thin margin between “yes” and “no.”

“A couple of weeks ago, Vice President Harris was asked if she would be campaigning for Governor Newsom," Harris's team said in a statement, per The Sacramento Bee. "And she said yes then, and she is looking forward to campaigning for him and with him because he will be there at that event on the 27th.”

Harris's presence in the Bay Area would be a big push in getting participation from BIPOC community members and women of color. With millions of ballots now in the hands of CA voters — with even more currently somewhere in the mailing process — the appearance of Harris in the state comes at a make-or-break time in the recall election.

Remember, the voting is simple: Vote “no” on the recall election, if you want Newsom to remain in office. Should someone vote “yes"... then any one of 46 candidates whose name is also on the ballot will become the next governor of California, which will likely mean Elder taking Newsom's post.

Both where exactly Harris and Newsom will convene and the time this rally will happen remain unknown.

For more information on California’s Gubernatorial Recall Election, as well as about phone banking opportunities, visit sos.ca.gov/elections/upcoming-elections/2021-ca-gov-recall.

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Photo: U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris (R) looks on as California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks while touring the Upper San Leandro Water Treatment Plant on April 5, 2021 in Oakland, California. Vice President Harris is visiting the San Francisco Bay Area where she will focus on infrastructure and small businesses that are addressed in the president's $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)