We have eight weeks until California votes to not recall Gavin Newsom, and things are moving along with the literal laundry list of people who are vying for the governor's office in the unlikely event that Newsom were recalled.

There was a dustup this week with conservative radio host and frequent Fox News commentator Larry Elder, whose bid to join the ballot was denied by Secretary of State Shirley Weber because of some apparent failure to disclose information on five years of tax returns — a new requirement Weber imposed for all candidates. Elder filed suit against Weber on Monday, and went on Tucker Carlson last night to say he had been specifically "targeted" by Weber and Democrats because he's such a recognizable face and therefore a threat to Newsom (?).

Weber said that Elder's tax returns were redacted and therefore he had not met the filing deadline.

Elder claimed Tuesday, "We filed both redacted and unredacted tax returns. So I guess what they’re saying is we redacted something that shouldn’t have been redacted or we didn’t redact something that should have been redacted. Never has anybody been disqualified from the ballot here in California for a reason like that."

On Wednesday, as the Associated Press reports, a Sacramento County judge ruled in Elder's favor, saying that he should be reinstated on the ballot alongside the 42 other candidates who have apparently met the filing requirements.

In response, Elder tweeted, "Victory! My next one will be on Sept. 14 at the ballot box. This isn’t just a victory for me, but a victory for the people of California. And not just those who favor the recall and support me, but all voters, including many who will come to know me."

As discussed before, for reasons of demographics, well established political leanings across the state, and a far superior war chest, Newsom is very unlikely to be recalled — and ads that his campaign have already been airing attempt to link those behind the recall with Trump and insurrectionists at the Capitol on January 6th. The ads also accurately portray the recall as a waste of taxpayer money, and polls continue to show a majority of Californians are against the recall.

But on September 14, we will going to the polls to vote on this thing — and Gavin just has to hope that enough No voters are motivated to vote at all in a special election.

And today Vice President Kamala Harris told a Chronicle reporter that she'll be joining the No campaign, but to what extent she'll be campaigning remains to be seen. Harris's office also would not confirm any details about how she'll be showing her support.

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