A twin-engine Cessna plowed right into a house near the Monterey Airport Tuesday morning, and while the house was empty, the pilot, a passenger, and a dog all did in the crash.

We’re sure you’ll feel very safe sitting in your home today with the news that an airplane crashed straight into a house some five miles southeast of Monterey late Tuesday morning. The Monterey County Regional Fire Protection District reports that a small aircraft took off from Monterey Regional Airport this morning, but at 10:45 a.m. crashed directly into a house in the Monterra Ranch subdivision near Highway 68.

Local TV station KSBW reports that the craft was a “small, twin-engine Golden Eagle Cessna plane." KPIX adds that the resulting fire spread to a second home, and also started a brush fire which has since been extinguished.

SFGate reviewed data from the plane-tracking FlightAware and that the “flight that departed Monterey Regional Airport shortly before 10:40 a.m. was only in the air a few minutes before tracking dropped out.” In the above video from KSBW, you can hear the air traffic controllers discuss the dangerously low altitude of the plane and the crash itself, in tones far calmer than I would be able to maintain in that situation.

Per another local station, KION, the Monterey County Sheriff's Office originally said that the pilot was the only person onboard the plane, but that has since turned out not to be the case.

As KSBW reported Wednesday, the plane was owned and being piloted by Mary Ellen Carlin of Pacific Grove. She was flying her friend, 61-year-old Alice Diane Emig of Rancho Cordova to Mather, near Sacramento, when the plane crashed. Emig's dachshund Toby was also reportedly onboard.*

One relief is that no one was home inside the house at the time of the collision. Monterey County Weekly tracked down the owners Roger and Julie Goulart, for whom this is a second home. "I don't know anything yet. We weren't home," Roger Goulart told the paper. "My daughter was staying there but fortunately she wasn't home at the time this happened."

*This post has been updated with information about the crash victims.

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Image: Monterey County Regional Fire Protection District via Twitter