A formerly fenced off, dilapidated boatyard that sits between the Bayview and Hunters Point neighborhoods is soon becoming part of a stretch of greenway that extends along 1.7 miles of the southeastern shoreline of San Francisco.

The property, known by its address as 900 Innes, features a concrete boat ramp into India Basin and the historic Scow Schooner boatyard, and as the Chronicle reports, it's been out of use and fenced off for about 30 years. The city acquired the property in 2014, and there was a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday to celebrate its ultimate incorporation into the existing India Basin Shoreline Park — a project that is estimated to cost $140 million. According to Rec & Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg, that is the most money laid out for a park project in city history.

The existing park, some of which can be seen at right in the image below, will be incorporated into the boatyard property, at left, to create a 9.6-acre park that provides waterfront access to the local neighborhood — something that has been lacking for many decades.

Photo: GGN

While most residents have only seen the property if they've hopped a fence and trespassed, the crew of The Last Black Man In San Francisco gained access to it several years ago to shoot scenes meant to evoke the loss of jobs and industry in this neighborhood in recent decades.

Following construction, which is expected to take four years, there will be parks linking a swath of shoreline from the edge of the Hunters Point Shipyard condo development, north to the 22-acre Heron's Head Park near Pier 96, which is owned by the Port of San Francisco.

The video below illustrates the plans for the park, which include the preservation of the Shipwright’s Cottage on the property for use as a Welcome Center and community gathering space, a social space with porch swings, concession spaces, a large lawn that leads down to a gravel shore, and a continuous garden and shorewalk promenade.

As Ginsburg tells the Chronicle, "The design is extraordinary. It will have waterfront access, which has always been lacking in this community."

The first piece to open will the boatyard area at 900 Innes, with the new Welcome Center, in 2023. When that opens, the existing India Basin Shoreline Park — completed in 2003 — will close for a complete renovation, to help it match the new park with plantings, and more.

Then, both parks will be joined into one by 2025.

Six-foot-tall letter sculptures that spelled out "India Basin Industrial Park," which were installed in 1978, were removed last year. As the Chronicle notes, those will return along Hunters Point Boulevard when the park is complete, and will just say "India Basin Park."